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Airline Art

During the golden age of travel, airlines hired professional artists to create colorful travel posters designed to tempt passengers to fly on their most popular routes or aircraft. These posters are lovingly showcased on a Pinterest boardVintage Travel Posters - Cool!. Here are 15 great examples to celebrate #FlashbackFriday.

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    According to the Pan Am Historical Foundation, America's international flag carrier began flying to Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, on July 15, 1968. The airline flew a Boeing 707 from JFK Airport, stopped in Denmark, then landed in Moscow. The event made the cover of Time magazine, and this poster was created to tout the historic service.


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    At its peak, this airline -- the only other one allowed to fly internationally before deregulation -- flew to eight cities on the African continent: Algiers, Algeria; Cairo, Egypt; Nairobi, Kenya; Tripoli, Libya; Casablanca, Morocco; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Tunis, Tunisia; and Entebbe, Uganda. TWA commissioned artist David Klein to create this and other posters for the airline's myriad U.S. and international destinations. In a 2012 episode of PBS's "Antiques Roadshow," this poster was valued at between $2300 and $3400.

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      Image courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

      This Atlanta-based carrier began flying to the Caribbean and Venezuela in 1953 after merging with  Chicago and Southern Air Lines.  After entering the jet age with a Convair 880 in 1960, Delta linked California and the Caribbean with jet service to Montego Bay and Caracas.


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      Image courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum

      This defunct Dallas-based carrier was dominant in flying to Latin America beginning in May 1946, when it was awarded routes to the Caribbean, Central and South America by the Civil Aeronautics Board, the government agency that regulated the U.S. airlines. Cities it served included Asuncion, Paraguay, Buenos Aires, Guayaquil, Ecuador Lima, La Paz, Bolivia, Panama City and Rio de Janeiro. The airline sold its Latin America division to Eastern Airlines in April 1982. A month later, the airline ceased operations.

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      Image courtesy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum

      This predecessor airline to British Airways started flying to the Caribbean in the 1950s. The airline commissioned the artist Ráf to create these colorful posters.

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      Image courtesy of fauxfrench.files.wordpress.com

      This striking poster touting Air France's service to the Orient was created by artist Lucien Boucher in 1950. As the carrier moved to offer global service, the French flag carrier inaugurated a new route to Tokyo in 1958.

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      Image courtesy of International Poster Gallery

      This vintage image from the 1960s uses King Kamehameha to lure travelers to America's 50th state.  The king has been credited with establishing the Kingdom of Hawaii, in 1810. United has served Hawaii since 1946, and was featured in the opening sequence of the popular 1960s television series "Hawaii Five-0."

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      Image courtesy of 2.bp.blogspot.com.

      This airline, which operated between 1946 and 1974, focused on flights from the United Kingdom to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It highlighted that route network by tying it to another iconic UK-based company, Rolls-Royce.

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      Image courtesy of Sporty's Pilot Shop

      This carrier, one of the original "Big Four" airlines in the United States, was founded in Miami in 1926. It was known for its flights to Florida, and as the official carrier of Walt Disney World. Eastern Airlines stopped flying in January 1991 after a strike hobbled the carrier and it was taken away by the courts from owner Texas Air.

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      Image courtesy of Adme.ru

      Russia's flag carrier began operating on February 25, 1932. The airline launched the world’s first jet, the Tupolev TU-104, in 1956 to operate on the country's domestic and international routes. This poster touting Aeroflot's service is from 1965. 

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      Image courtesy of imgc.allpostersimages.com

      Swissair, formed in 1931, served as Switzerland's flag carrier until March 2002. This poster, by artist Paul George Lawler, was created in the 1950s to tout the carrier's flights between Zurich and London.

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      Colombia's flag carrier was founded on December 5, 1919, making it the world's second-oldest airline. This poster, from the 1960s, shows off the airline's global route network out of Bogota. The carrier merged with El Savador-based TACA in 2009.


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      Image courtesy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

      KLM, the world's oldest airline, was founded in 1919. This poster was created by artist Paul Erkelens in 1953. During the decade, the Netherlands' flag carrier served as a connector to the world out of its Amsterdam Schiphol hub.

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      Image courtesy of dpvintageposters.com

      Japan Air Lines began flying internationally in the 1950s. This poster of  the fish kite, was created in the 1960s by artist  J. Murakoshi. It was part of an effort to promote the carrier as the vehicle under the Discover Japan program.


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      Image courtesy of DP Vintage Posters

      British West Indies Airways, known as Bee-Wee, was an airline based in Trinidad and Tobago. At its peak, it was the largest carrier operating in the Caribbean. But it shut down in December 2006 after the government refused to inject further funding in the loss-making carrier. This is a poster from the 1960s touting its Boeing 727 service.