Viking Star Spa and Wellness Center

Viking Star thermal suite in the LivNordic Spa

Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises selected LivNordic to operate its spa and wellness center on the Viking Star cruise ship. This spa, which is one of the Raison d’Etre Spa brands, combines Nordic health traditions with the latest in spa and wellness.

The spa on the Viking Star's sister ship, the Viking Sea, is very similar and has all the features discussed here. 

This LivNordic spa has all the familiar treatments on their menu found in other spas at sea and on land such as massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. The salon offers haircuts, colors, and shampoo and set. All of these spa and salon treatments cost extra.

One unique feature of the LivNordic Spa & Wellness Center on the Viking Star cruise ship is the use of the thermal suite, which is complementary to all guests. This thermal spa allows guests to experience a Nordic bathing experience, which detoxes, relaxes tired muscles, and boosts circulation. Walking into the thermal suite, guests first see the small pool.

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Thermal Suite

Viking Star thermal suite pool in LivNordic Spa
Linda Garrison

The thermal suite on the Viking Star cruise ship includes a small pool, sauna, snow room, cold water splash bucket, and hot stone relaxation lounges. Guests start their Nordic bathing experience by sitting in the hot sauna for a while before moving to either the cold pool or the even colder snow room.

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Snow Room in the Spa

Viking Star Snow Room in LivNordic Spa
Viking Cruises

Artificial snow falls in this small snow room on the Viking Star cruise ship. Guests who have relaxed in the hot sauna move to this refreshing cold room, where the snow accumulates on the bench and the floor. If the snow room is too cold, guests can cool off with the cold water splash, which is actually a bucket full of cold water--pull the cord and get splashed! It's a good idea to take a towel into the snow room since you might stick to the icy bench and even get frostbite!

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Cold Water Splash

Cold water splash in the Viking Star LivNordic Spa
Linda Garrison

We're not sure which of these Nordic bathing experiences on the Viking Star cruise ship would be more stimulating--sitting on a snowy bench in the snow room, dipping in the cold water pool, or pulling the cord and getting cold water dumped on your head! After getting cooled off, guests can repeat the process by returning to the sauna or stretch out on one of the heated stone relaxation beds.

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Heated Stone Relaxation Beds

Stone relaxation beds in Viking Star thermal suite
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These heated stone beds in the Viking Star thermal suite are very comfortable and sure to relax even the most stressed-out traveler.

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Fitness Center

Viking Star Fitness Center
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The Viking Star fitness center is located near the spa and has all the latest equipment. Use of the fitness equipment and group classes are free of charge, but guests will have to pay extra for one-on-one classes with a personal trainer.

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