Views of Snowdonia National Park in North Wales

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    Snowdon From the South

    Snowdon, seen from the South

    The jagged peaks of Snowdonia National Park are among the most ancient rocks on earth. Within the 840 square miles of the park are:

    • the highest British mountains outside of Scotland
    • more than 100 lakes - many barely an acre in size
    • rich farmed valleys and thousands of acres of sheep grazing land
    • magical villages
    • dramatic waterfalls
    Have a look. Then find out more about Snowdonia with Snowdonia at a Glance - A Quick Guide to Snowdonia National Park

    Snowdon, a massive presence at the heart of Snowdonia, is the highest British mountain outside of Scotland - 3,560 feet. Snowdonia has 90 peaks over 2,000 feet and 15 over 3,000 feet.

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    Llyn Gwynant, one of Snowdonia's Many Small Lakes

    View of Llyn Gwynant across a green valley in Snowdonia National Park
    David Toase/Getty Images
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    Beddgelert Bridge and the River Glaslyn, Snowdonia

    Beddgelert Bridge and the River Glaslyn, Snowdonia
    David Toase/Getty Images

    The tiny, scenic village of Beddgelert holds a tragic story of faithfulness betrayed. According to legend, Prince Llewelyn the Great arrived home from battle to find his children missing. His hound, Gelert, bounded up to greet him with a mouth dripping with blood. Fearing the worst and furious with the animal, he slew it on the spot. Later, he discovered his children safe beside the body of a wolf that had been killed by Gelert, protecting the children.

    A stone just outside of Beddgelert is said to be the tomb of the brave and faithful dog.

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    The Deep and Mysterious Fairy Glen of Snowdonia

    Fairy Glen in Snowdonia
    David Angel/

    Cool, dark and green, the Fairy Glen on the River Conwy, is close to the popular Snowdonia town of Betws-y-Coed.

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    On Capel Curig

    A Welsh Ram on Capel Curig
    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Welsh Ram searches for food after an early snow on Capel Curig in Snowdonia National Park.

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    Swallow Falls, Snowdonia

    Swallow Falls, Snowdonia, Wales

    Swallow Falls, not far from Betws-y-Coed, is the highest, continuous waterfall in Wales and a very popular beauty spot in Snowdonia National Park.

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    Waterfall in Snowdonia

    Waterfall in Snowdonia

    Waterfalls, rapids and torrents rush down from Snowdonia's peaks. During the spring runoff, it's wise to wear a mac and wellies on some paths.

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    Snowdon at Dusk

    Snowdon at Dusk
    David Toase/Getty Images