London's Tower Bridge: Where to Take the Best Photo

The Best Place to Take a Photo of London's Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge at sunset in London
Laurie Noble/Stone/Getty Images

In a city of icons, there is perhaps no landmark more iconic than London's Tower Bridge. Built in the late 19th century, the suspension bridge rises high above the River Thames, the bridge has two levels for crossing and charges admission for visitors who wish to visit the towers and walk across the glass walkway on the upper level, which was installed in 2014.

Although the tower offers great views of London from up high, it's not so good getting that iconic Tower Bridge shot. There are many places along the River Thames where you can photograph the bridge, but this little-known viewing terrace tops them all.

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How to Get to the Viewing Terrace

London Bridge Over Thames River Against Cloudy Sky
Andras Polonyi / EyeEm/Getty Images

Many people mistake the terrace as a private space connected to nearby offices, but it is actually open to the public and free to visit. Located near the north side of London Bridge and ​The Monument to the Great Fire of 1666, the viewing terrace isn't something most people would come across on their own, but it it is easy to find once you know where to go.

Starting at The Monument, walk down Monument Street away from London Bridge, and you'll see a motorbike parking lot on the right near the end of the short street. Here, you'll see concrete steps that look like they are a part of the connected office buildings, but it is actually a public space and you are allowed to go up. Take the stairs to the top, turn left, and walk across the footbridge over Lower Thames Street. Walk straight ahead, beneath the offices, and you'll find a spacious terrace with fantastic views of the Tower Bridge.

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Example Tower Bridge View

Overlooking Tower Bridge from London Bridge just after sunset, HMS Belfast appears in the center of the bridge.
Haykal/Getty Images

This is an example of the excellent view this terrace offers of ​Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast at night.

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Example Tower Bridge View 2

London, England, UK, Europe. Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast on the River Thames.
Paul Panayiotou/Getty Images

This is another example of the excellent view this terrace offers of Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast during the day.

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