A Secret Viewing Terrace Near Tower Bridge

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    A Brilliant Tower Bridge Photo Opportunity

    London Bridge Over Thames River Against Cloudy Sky
    Andras Polonyi / EyeEm/Getty Images

    Find out about a secret viewing terrace where you can get an excellent view of Tower Bridge. It's a real hidden find for photographers that most Londoners don't even know exists. We spill the beans and provide directions. Don't forget your camera! 


    Most people think the viewing terrace must be private or connected to the offices nearby but it is a public space. It is near to the north side of London Bridge and ​The Monument.

    Did you know, Tower Bridge now has a glass floor?

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    Take The Steps to a Spacious Viewing Terrace

    Tower Bridge from The Monument
    James Cullen/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    From The Monument, walk down Monument Street away from London Bridge and The Monument and you'll see a motorbike parking bay on the right near the end of the short street. There are concrete steps here that look as if they are part of the connected offices but there is public access so you are allowed to go up.

    Walk up to the top and then turn left and go across the footbridge over the busy road below (Lower Thames Street). Walk straight ahead, under the offices, and you'll find yourself on a spacious terrace with great views of Tower Bridge!

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    Example Tower Bridge View

    Overlooking Tower Bridge from London Bridge just after sunset, HMS Belfast appears in the center of the bridge.
    Haykal/Getty Images

    This is an example of the excellent view this terrace offers of ​Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast at night.

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    Example Tower Bridge View 2

    London, England, UK, Europe. Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast on the River Thames.
    Paul Panayiotou/Getty Images

    This is another example of the excellent view this terrace offers of Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast during the day.