Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas

Cocktails, lounge, small bites and the option to be naughty or nice

Photo by Zeke Quezada

The allure of Vdara hotel in Las Vegas is the feeling of boutique comfort and service mixed in with the ease to which you can experience Las Vegas. Vice Versa is precisely an extension of that attitude. The bar at Vdara Hotel is a little bit of Vegas with a lot of boutique luxury comfort. This lounge in the lobby and outdoor patio has plush seating alongside fire pits and water features and an ultra lounge vibe that could easily double as your sliver of nightlife while in Las Vegas.

The patio is open and comfortable with a lounge feel but an absence of the pretentious feeling that comes with some Las Vegas clubs. It’s inviting while feeling exclusive and discerning. When you have a seat and drift away into vacation bliss it is as if you are part of a secret club that has a hideaway amongst the chaos of the strip.

Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas gives you an option to be good or bad or to go heavy or light. It’s a lounge with a few personalities, much like you might be when you decide to hit Las Vegas for a quick getaway.

Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas 

Location: Vdara Las Vegas
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Reservations: Not required

Hours at Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas:
Sunday – Thursday 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Friday & Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m

Attire: Vice Versa has two personalities so it’s best that you treat them differently. Middle of the day visitors will find it a casual dress situation while evening might provoke you to consider your fashion sense.

It’s an upscale hotel lounge so you don’t have to get dressed up but the evening brings in guests who are on their way to a club or dinner so you might feel under dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

What it’s like at Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas?

It’s a lobby bar, it’s an ultra lounge. It’s a place for an afternoon meeting.

It’s a place for a late night rendezvous. Oh, and they have good food that makes it the right place to have a working lunch or pre-show dinner and drinks spots. The bar in the lobby feels far more formal than the outdoor lounge. In other words, if you are meeting a client stay inside, if you are trying to excite your date, go outside.

The Food at Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas

Vice is your option for hearty while Versa is your light direction. The menu is split in two and it is just right to make everyone happy.  The options of crab cake lollipops and fall off the bone lamp chops highlight the light Versa menu while flatbreads and sliders become your Vice on the hearty menu.  I dare you to try to go light because the flavors on both sides of this menu are worthy of breaking your diet. You must try the surf and turf sliders and lobster tacos.

How are the drinks at Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas?

The cocktail program is why you’ll linger way after your food is done.  The atmosphere will keep you happy but the drinks will help you chill out and prepare you to dial way back.

What drinks you should try at Vice Versa at Vdara Las Vegas

  • Sunset in Moscow - Everyone seems to be enamored with the Moscow mule and this version embraces mint, strawberries and grapefruit vodka to slide the flavors from sweet to sour.  
  • Roses are Red - Strong enough for me but really made for my wife. Raspberry and sage are helped along by the rose' that pairs well with the versa menu of light bites
  • Fashionably Late - Salted brown sugar syrup gives this cocktail a slant toward the friendly to those with an aversion to bourbon. The purist might balk but this is a great cocktail for the brown spirit lover who is in a rut
  •  Berry Blossom.- Sweet and definitely a fresh twisted cocktail. Tangy and sweet and light enough to have more than you should.
  •  Garden Tonic - While on the sweet side this is the drink you have after your spa treatment at Spa Vdara. Slow down though because as you sip it sneaks up on you very quickly.

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