Where the Vice President Lives

Where is the Vice President's Residence and Office?

One Observatory Circle
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Though it is common knowledge that the U.S. President lives in the White House, it’s not so well known where the Vice President resides. So where in Washington, DC is the Vice President’s house?

The answer – Number One Observatory Circle, on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory at 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW (about one mile northeast of Georgetown University near Embassy Row). The closest Metro Station is Woodley Park-Zoo Metro Station. See a map.

The three-story Victorian-style mansion, designed by architect Leon E. Dessez, was originally built in 1893 as the home of the superintendent of the United States Naval Observatory. In 1974, Congress designated the house as the official residence of the Vice President. Until that time vice presidents bought their own homes in Washington, DC. The Naval Observatory, located on the 72-acre property, continues to operate as a research facility where scientists make observations of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. The Observatory and the Vice President's home are subject to tight security enforced by the Secret Service. Public tours of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, are available, but on a limited basis.

Walter Mondale was the first Vice President to move into the home. It has since been home to the families of Vice Presidents Bush, Quayle, Gore, Cheney and Biden. Vice President Mike Pence currently resides there with his wife Karen.

The brick house is 9,150 square feet and includes 33 rooms including a reception hall, living room, sitting room, sun porch, kitchen dining room, bedrooms, a study, a den and a swimming pool.  

Where the Vice President Works

The Vice President has an office in the West Wing of the White House and his staff maintains a set of offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, (located at 1650 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC) called the Vice President's Ceremonial Office, which is used for meetings and press interviews. The building, designed by architect  Alfred Mullett, is a ​National Historic Landmark, built between 1871 and 1888. The building is one of the government's most interesting with its granite, slate and cast iron exterior.  It is the French Second Empire style of architecture.

The Vice President's Ceremonial Office served as the Navy Secretary's Office when the Executive Office Building housed the State, Navy, and War Departments.  The room is decorated with ornamental stenciling and allegorical symbols of the Navy. The floor is made of mahogany, white maple, and cherry. The Vice-President's desk is part of the White House collection and was first used by Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. 

The massive building has 553 rooms. In addition to the Office of the Vice President, the Executive Office Building houses some of the nation's most powerful diplomats and politicians such as the Office of Management and Budget and the National Security Council. 

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