Some Vancouver Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes that Scream "Vancouver"

If you're spending Halloween in Vancouver, BC, why not choose a Halloween costume that screams "Vancouver?" This list of tongue-in-cheek "very Vancouver" Halloween costumes includes Vancouver stereotypes, Vancouver historic figures and celebrities, and more silly ideas for creating your own "very Vancouver" Halloween costume.You may also want to know where to buy Halloween costumes in Vancouver

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    vancouver halloween costume ideas: sushi costume
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    There are a lot of sushi costume ideas that would work perfectly as a very Vancouver Halloween costume. (I've often said that sushi is as ubiquitous in Vancouver as coffee is in Seattle.)

    What you need to pull it off: You can either buy a sushi costume (e.g., at Find or make your own. Also: Google "sushi costumes" for lots of ideas and pictures.

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    Go as a Member of the Canucks (or BC Lions, or Whitecaps)

    vancouver halloween costume ideas: be a canuck
    Image Courtesy of / NHL Canuck Store

    This one is a no-brainer: Not only is going as your favourite Canucks player a very Vancouver Halloween costume idea, it's also easy to put together. And it's ideal for kids.

    What you need to pull it off: Chances are you (or your kid) already own a Canucks jersey and hockey helmet; if you don't, you can get them at the Canucks Team Store (at Rogers Arena, Gate 6) or at the NHL online store.

    Variations: Add scary makeup and you can be a Zombie Canucks player, Vampire Canucks player, or--if you get the Jason-style Hockey Mask and add blood--Serial Killer Canucks player.

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    Zombie Yoga Gal or Guy

    The Zen of Zombie by Scott Kenemore
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    Vancouver is so famous for its love of yoga (and yoga pants) that it has become inextricably linked to a certain stereotype of affluent, Lululemon-branded yoga "fiends." Vancouver also loves zombies, so why not put them together in one satirical, yoga-walking-dead costume?

    What you need to pull it off: Zombie makeup, yoga clothes, yoga mat, sense of humor.

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    Real Housewives of Vancouver

    vancouver halloween costume ideas: Real Housewives of Vancouver
    Image Courtesy of Slice / Shaw Media Inc.

    This is another very Vancouver Halloween costume idea that requires a sense of humour (and satire) to pull off well; it's also another costume that you could do "straight" (as in: try to look as much like one of the Housewives as possible) or go ghoulish with zombie/living dead/RuPaul Drag Race-winner-version makeup.

    What you need to pull it off: Over-the-top, low-cut top (anything by Sky will work), tight pants/skirt, lots of makeup, long wig / hair extensions, attitude.

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    Famous Vancouverites: "Gassy" Jack Deighton to Pamela Anderson

    "Gassy" Jack Deighton statue in Maple Leaf Square, Gastown
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    Gastown founder "Gassy" Jack Deighton would make an awesome Vancouver Halloween costume (and you can study his statue in Gastown's Maple Tree Square for costume inspiration). But there are other famous Vancouverites that would make great costumes: Pamela Anderson (technically born on Vancouver Island, but close enough), Michael Bublé (born in Burnaby), Perry Mason / Ironside star Raymond Burr (born in New Westminster), and Zombie Errol Flynn (he died in Vancouver in 1959).

    What you need to pull it off: DIY ingenuity, period clothes.

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    Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds from Singin' in the Rain

    TUTS 2010 Singin' in the Rain Audience Photos
    Photo by Dana Lynch

    Because "rain." Duh.

    What you need to pull it off: Yellow rain slicker and hat, umbrella.