10 Amazing Travel Adventures to Take in 2018

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    The Best Adventures of 2018

    Rainbows over Mongolia
    Kraig Becker

    If your New Year's resolutions included adding more adventure to your life, we have some great suggestions for trips that can do just that. Here are our picks for the very best adventure travel opportunities for 2018, with some absolutely amazing trips to help you make the best of the year ahead. 

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    Go on an African Safari by Boat

    Tourists in boat cruise viewing elephant
    Peter Unger/Getty Images

    The African safari remains one of the top bucket list adventures for any traveler, but top destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa can often get very crowded. For those looking for a more tranquil option, Natural Habitat Adventures is offering a river cruise along the Chobe River in Botswana and Namibia that promises great opportunities to spot wildlife in a setting that is far from bustling crowds found elsewhere.

    The Great African River Safari is a 10 day escape that allows travelers to leisurely cruise through breathtaking landscapes, with opportunities to travel on foot and in 4x4 vehicle as well. The trip is open to just seven travelers at a time, so it is quite exclusive, but that only adds to the sense of wonder and adventure. 

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    Visit the Remote Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia

    Valley of the Geysers in Russia
    Mir Corp

    Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the more remote places on the planet, making it extremely challenging for travelers to actually visit the wild and untamed destination. But in 2018, Mir Corp is offering a new itinerary that leads intrepid adventurers into this mysterious Land of Frost and Fire. The 14-day journey takes travelers into a part of the world that is seldom visited by outsiders, including a place called Yakutia that falls along Russia's northern frontier. While there, they'll meet members of the local indigenous people, hike to the top of an active volcano, and experience two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the form of the Kingdom of Permafrost and the Valley of the Geysers. 

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    Explore an Uncharted Corner of the Globe

    Franz Joseph Land
    Sue Flood/Getty Images

    Mir Corp has another amazing new journey scheduled for 2018, this time taking travelers into a remote corner of the planet that was only discovered about 150 years ago. Franz Joseph Land is an archipelago made up of 191 islands that sits above the Arctic Circle. It is a place that features towering icebergs, windswept mountaintops, and massive glaciers, and it remains largely unexplored, even in the 21st century. Visitors can spot migrating birds, rare whale species, seals, and giant walruses as they become some of the first outsiders to actually set foot on these distant islands. The 15-day trip includes options to go sea kayaking and cruise the coastline in zodiac boats, with visits to Svalbard, Norway along the way. 

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    Mountain Bike Through Vietnam

    cycling Vietnam
    Exodus Travel

    Cycling tours continue to gain in popularity and many travel companies now offer unique itineraries that explore various parts of the world by bike. But one of the more interesting cycling options takes riders into a remote corner of northeast Vietnam by mountain bike. In 2018, Exodus Travel is offering a 14-day trip (10 days of cycling) into the rugged hill country, where travelers will ride through remote villages, meet members of the local hill tribes, and explore the remarkable landscapes of Ha Giang, a recent addition to the UNESCO World Heritage list that features towering karst limestone towers and deep canyons. 

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    Go Hiking in Bhutan

    Tiger's Nest Monastery
    skaman306/Getty Images

    Hiking in the Himalaya remains a fantastic adventure for travelers, with most heading to Nepal, Tibet, and India to get a chance to walk amongst those giant mountains. But a lucky few will experience that setting in Bhutan, a country that still limits the number of visitors it allows each year, allowing only a select number into its mountain kingdom. 

    In 2018, Adventures Within Reach will lead a 13-day tour across Bhutan that includes day hikes to the famous Tiger's Nest Monastery, a visit to Bumthang Valley, and Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park. The trip blends trekking and sightseeing by motor vehicle, making it a good option for those who want to walk in the Himalaya, but don't want to spend all of their days traveling on foot. 

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    Cruise the Southern Ocean

    The penguin ark
    Eric Chen/Getty Images

    The Southern Ocean is a wild and turbulent body of water that surrounds many wonders, not the least of which is South Georgia Island. This remote and beautiful place is home to massive penguin colonies, stunning landscapes, and a rich history that includes an amazing tale of survival.

    One of the best ways to visit South Georgia is on an adventure cruise with Lindblad Expeditions. The company offers itineraries that include stopovers in the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, but don't be fooled—South Georgia is the true gem here. It offers snowcapped peaks, abundant wildlife, and a look back at a time when the whaling industry dominated the world. Expect to see King Penguins, massive albatross, and numerous species of whales int his once-in-a-lifetime adventure to a part of the world seldom visited by outsiders. 

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    Climb the Highest Peak in Colombia

    Pico Cristóbal Colón
    Mountain Madness

    Mountain Madness has a completely new trip planned for 2018 and it promises to be quite an extraordinary adventure. The company's new Caribbean to Glacier Trek takes travelers into a seldom visited region of Colombia where they'll not only hike through a biodiverse rainforest, but climb the highest peak in the country as well. Pico Cristóbal Colón is an 18,947-foot peak that has yet to be climbed, making this excursion a true expedition into the unknown. Trip highlights include swimming in the pristine waters of the Caribbean, hiking to the foot of a glacier, and interacting with the indigenous Kogi tribe which rarely sees visitors from the outside world. This is an adventure designed for the explorers amongst us. 

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    Help Conservation Efforts in Ecuador

    South America, Ecuador, Andes, Volcano Cotopaxi, Cotopaxi National Park, afterglow
    Westend61/Getty Images

    If you're looking for a great adventure that allows you to give a little something back, then Adventure Life has just the trip for you. In 2018, the company is leading a five-day excursion to Ecuador that includes opportunities to go horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking in the shadow of Cotopaxi, an active volcano that is stunning to behold. But along the way travelers will also take part in tree planting, trail building, and other conservation efforts, allowing them to give a little something back the country they are visiting. The trip features fantastic landscapes, wonderful people, and plenty of activities, packed into a compact schedule designed to maximize their visit to South America. 

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    Spend Christmas on Kilimanjaro

    Line of climbers ascending Mt. Kilimanjaro, in front of summit massif capped by swirl shaped clouds.
    Johnathan Ampersand Esper/Getty Images

    Climbing Kilimanjaro is always a fantastic adventure, and Tusker Trail remains the top guide service on the mountain. But, if you want to make the experience an even better one, why not make the trek to the highest point in Africa on Christmas? In 2018, Tusker will lead a team of trekkers to the 19,341-foot summit of Kili, making an already fantastic experience even more memorable. The 11-day trip begins on December 21 and ends on New Year's Eve, making this the perfect way to round out the year. The team will trek the Lemosho Route, which is one of the more scenic and less crowded options, delivering great views and a sense of solitude along the way. 

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    Go Camping at the South Pole

    Flags at the Ceremonial South Pole
    Galen Rowell/Getty Images

    Perhaps the ultimate destination for any well-heeled adventure traveler is the South Pole, although not all of us can travel there on skis. Instead, you can join Antarctic Logistics and Expedition's option to spend the night camping at the bottom of the world. The seven-day trip begins and ends in Punta Arenas, Chile, with a stop-over at ALE's Union Glacier camp on the Antarctic continent. From there, visitors will catch a flight to the Pole, where they'll get the opportunity to stay in the company's campsite located at that location. The accommodations won't exactly be five-star, but the setting will be tough to beat. Price? $53,400.