Vermont Country Store

You don't have to live in Vermont or even visit to love the Vermont Country Store. You simply need to have been the recipient of one of its folksy catalogues filled with ads for long underwear, old-fashioned nostrums, and classic candies.

Yet the Vermont Country Store is more than a virtual emporium. The apotheosis of rustic retailing, the Vermont Country Store has two logs-and-mortar locations in its home state, in the towns of Weston and Rockingham.

In the Vermont Country Store's Apothecary area, you'll find rare elixirs and potions good for what ails you - along with obscure conditions your hypochondriacal mind may not have yet conceived.

Stomach Rescue, a natural supplement intended to fight the four primary sources of food poisoning, can be a boon to travelers. Those with a strong stomach ought to go to town sampling the variety of cheddar cheeses. Whatever your pleasure (or if you're looking for new ones), a visit to the Vermont Country Store is great fun for two.

The Vermont Country Store is located in the center of Weston, right across from the Village Green.

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Vermont Country Store Grounds

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The original Vermont Country Store has expanded over the years and is very welcoming.

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Vermont Country Store Hours

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Vermont Country Store is open 8.5 hours daily for 7 days a week.

The days and hours of operation at the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham are the same as at the Weston store.

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Vermont Country Store Headquarters

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Weston is the original headquarters of the Vermont Country Store.

Since 1946 the Vermont Country Store has dominated the center of town and drawn visitors from around the world.

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Vermont Country Store Online

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Vermont Country Store Antiques

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Part of the fun of visiting the Vermont Country Store is taking the time to look over its collection of antiques. Some are simply there for display and not for sale.

In the clothing section of the Vermont Country Store a vintage corset and high-button boots were on display (also not for sale).

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Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

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The merchandisers of the Vermont Country Store have a sense of humor about some the products they offer.

On the Anti-Monkey Butt page, the product is available in original, Lady, and Baby formulations.

In addition to  silly-sounding but harmless nostrums, the Vermont Country Store also sells what it calls "Intimate Solutions" -- i.e. vibrators and other sex toys to perk up anyone's libido -- in a non-sleazy atmosphere.

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Original Vermont Country Store

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Although there are country stores all over Vermont that sell a range of merchandise, this facility is considered the original Vermont Country Store.

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Vermont Country Store Clothing

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In the rear of the Weston store, bras, underpants, nightgowns, and robes are on display. There is a small fitting room for clothing try-ons.

From swimsuits to long johns, garter belts to shearling slippers, the Vermont Country Store features clothing to get customers through every season and offers apparel for informal occasions.

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Bryant House Restaurant

Bryant House restaurant
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If you haven't had your fill of cheese, fudge, and other delicious samples at the Vermont Country Store, get a bite to eat at the Bryant House restaurant.

Somewhat sterile in decor, the Bryant House restaurant offers soups, salads, and sandwiches, many featuring local Vermont cheddar. With every entree comes a plate of jonnycakes.

While waiting for your lunch to arrive, head up one flight up stairs to see the beautifully preserved bedroom set in the Bryant House restaurant.

According to Michael Stern, author of Road Food with his wife Jane, "Jonnycakes (a.k.a. Johnny Cakes) usually resemble pancakes. At the Bryant House, the jonnycake is a cornmeal and molasses loaf, sliced and seved warm. It is moist, grainy-textured, and good-smelling, with a nostalgic flavor that put us in mind of bread coming out of a 1930s enamel kitchen oven."

Bryant House Menu

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