Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch Review

A simple and affordable way to store your most important documents

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Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch

Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch

Tripsavvy / Suzie Dundas

What We Like
  • Holds more than just passports

  • Lightweight and easy to wear

  • Has zippers and secure pockets

What We Don't Like
  • Not very fashionable 

  • A bit smaller than other similar options 

  • Makes a slight crinkling sound at first 

Bottom Line

The Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch isn’t anything new or notable—and it certainly isn’t fashionable—but it is useful and affordable.


Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch

Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch

Tripsavvy / Suzie Dundas

We purchased the Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch so our reviewer could test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Sure, passport holders like the Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet may not be the sexiest travel accessories, but they're incredibly useful when it comes to ensuring your international getaway goes smoothly. Losing your passport is an excellent way to ruin your trip and cause yourself an excessive amount of headaches. Replacing a passport requires a trip to an embassy or consulate and hours (or days!) of waiting. That's why so many travelers choose to use passport holders and cases. They're small, secure, and ensure that your documents are always safely stored and protected. Read on for all the details on how this one from Venture 4th performed on our travels. 

Design: Standard, but useful 

Depending on what your needs are, you may find the design of the Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet quite appealing. Measuring approximately 8 inches long and 6 inches wide, it's a standard wearable passport holder with a thin strap that hangs around your neck. It can be worn under or over your clothing during travel, though we'd encourage everyone to think twice about wearing it over your clothing. 

Having a very obvious passport holder on your body can indicate that you're a tourist who isn't paying attention. That reads as an invitation to thieves in parts of the world where pickpocketing and petty crime is common, so instead, you may want to wear the holder under your clothing. Alternatively, you could decide against wearing it at all and use it as a neat and organized way to carry your travel documents, which is what we did. 

While not as minimalist as a basic passport cover, it’s still quite slim and lightweight.

This neck wallet is very similar to other wearable passport holders we tested in terms of capacity. It can hold two passports as well as a hotel room key, credit cards, and rolled up bills and loose change. It doesn't have a large back pocket like some others do, but it has more space than holders that are designed to be more like billfolds. It also has a clear ID window. If you're looking for a passport holder to use as a protective cover for your passport, then this may not be the best choice for you—it's much more like a very small purse than a case.

We should note that the Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet is ideal for safely carrying your passport, but it isn't very visually appealing. It comes in your choice of several basic colors: black, brown, beige, gray, green, and silver. If you're looking for a fashionable travel accessory, though, you may want to opt instead for a more modern and trendy billfold-style passport cover rather than a wearable one.


Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch
Tripsavvy / Suzie Dundas

Portability: Easy to carry or hide

Points for portability! The Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch is small and compact. While not as minimalist as a basic passport cover, it’s still quite slim and lightweight. It’s easy to pack and comfortable to wear under clothing. Because the pockets aren’t quite large enough to hold a cell phone, it sits a little slimmer than larger options we tested that can hold bulkier items. We were able to fit two passports in the zippered pocket and wear it under a button-down shirt without anyone being able to notice it was there. It does make a bit of a crinkling noise when you first begin to use it, though that got quieter in out testing after it had been folded and used for a few hours. 

This neck pouch is a useful travel accessory even if you choose not to wear it, especially for travelers who like to carry printouts of confirmations and travel plans. It’s small enough to toss in a carry-on backpack during travel and stash in a hotel room safe after arriving at your destination. It’s also water-resistant, so it could be a smart buy if you’re headed to a muggy or rainy destination. 

It’s easy to pack and comfortable to wear under clothing.

While it has fewer pockets than some of the competition, we preferred the slightly smaller size as it felt less noticeable under clothing. Our larger-sized cell phone didn’t fit well, but a smaller one or older model might. 

It’s worth pointing out that this neck wallet could make a great gift for adventurous travelers. It’s small enough to carry in any bag, making it ideal for backpackers. Travelers who are jumping from place to place and using budget transportation options need to be especially careful with important travel documents, and this holder will certainly help with that.


Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch
 Tripsavvy / Suzie Dundas

Safety: RFID-blocking technology

If you're planning to carry your credit cards in the Venture 4th passport holder, you'll appreciate that it uses RFID-blocking technology. RFID technology allows your credit card information to be read electronically, which is helpful for making purchases. But unfortunately, thieves can use those radio waves to steal your information electronically. By incorporating materials that block RFIDs, the Venture 4th keeps your personal info safe, even if someone does attempt to steal it.

Price: Not going to break the bank

The Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet has a suggested price of around $30, but it’s available from nearly every online retailer, including the Venture 4th website, for under $20. That puts it in line with other wearable passport holders we tested. It’s very affordable and probably worth picking up if you’re a frequent international traveler. 

The Venture 4th RFID Neck Wallet is a useful travel accessory even if you choose not to wear it.

Competition: Similar to other options

Winks Travel Neck Wallet: The Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch and the Travel Neck Wallet from Winks Travel (view on Amazon) are very similar. Differences are minimal: The Venture 4th is shorter by about an inch and lacks the large back pocket we used for a cell phone on the Winks Travel Neck Wallet. We tested both and found that the Venture 4th option sits a bit slimmer under clothing, but holds a bit less, so the choice should just come down to what size holder you prefer. You can find them for a very similar price online.

Anthropologie Whitney Winkler Posie Passport Holder: If you want more of a passport cover than a wearable holder, consider the Whitney Winkler Posie Passport Holder from Anthropologie, which we also tested. It has a modern, feminine design that looks like it was tailor-made for trendy millennials. Unlike the Venture 4th holder, it’s more of a protective case than a bag and won’t hold much beyond a passport and a few credit cards. It retails for $24, making it a little more than the Venture 4th option.

Final Verdict

Nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

The Venture 4th RFID Neck Pouch isn’t the most creative or novel piece of travel gear we’ve ever tested, but it’s small, affordable, and does what it claims. While it may not be the first choice for stylish travelers, the low price makes it a good buy for international travelers who need a secure way to stash travel documents.


  • Product Name RFID Neck Pouch
  • Product Brand Venture 4th
  • UPC 806802506999
  • Price $29.95
  • Product Dimensions 8.3 x 5.9 x 0.2 in.
  • Color Black, Grey, Beige, Silver, Green or Brown
  • Material Ripstop nylon with a fabric backing
  • Warranty Lifetime warranty if activated with 7 days of purchase
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