Ventura County Beach Camping

Parasol and tent at a beach campsite, Point Mugu Beach, Ventura County, California

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In Ventura County just north of Los Angeles, you'll find California's greatest concentration of places to go camping on the beach. Well, at least near it. Some people might include a beach that's five blocks from the ocean a beach campground, but we don't. If it's on this list, it's next to the beach. Not across the street. Not on a cliff overlooking it. Just right on the beach.

Many of the Ventura County beach campgrounds are for RVs only. They're suited only for self-contained units that have their own electricity, water, and toilets. Some of them are close to railroad tracks and busy highways, but most people who have stayed in them think the pluses outweigh the minuses.

All of these beach campgrounds are within two hours' drive from downtown Los Angeles.

A camper parked near the coast at Emma Wood State Beach, Ventura Count, California
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Emma Wood State Beach

Emma Wood State Beach campground is in a gorgeous, seaside location, but it has zero amenities. That means all 90 sites are for self-contained vehicles only and you have to bring your own water and a generator if you want to use electricity. It's a good way to get your RV close to the ocean, but only open part of the year. And it's not quite as nice as Rincon Parkway, a few miles north.

Faria County Beach Park

This county park campground has 42 oceanside sites with firepits, hot showers, and flush toilets. Fifteen of those sites have full hookups. Many of them are right next to the ocean. There's also a beach next to the campground that is relatively wide at low tide. For more details, pros and cons and what you need to know, use the Faria County Beach Park guide.

Hobson County Park

Hobson County Park is as close to the beach as you can get without driving out onto the sand. It's small with only 31 oceanside sites with firepits, hot showers, and flush toilets. Ten sites have full hookups. Most people bring their RVs to Hobson, but you can also camp here in a tent. For more details, pros and cons and what you need to know, use the Hobson County Park guide.

Rincon Parkway North

You may have seen photos of this oceanside RV park and wondered if such a place really exists. It's not a developed campground, just 127 roadside spots for self-contained RVs only. If you camp on Rincon Parkway, you'll hear the surf all night and see birds and dolphins, but you may also hear trains and automobiles. Most people think the natural sounds outweigh the man-made ones. For more details, pros and cons and what you need to know, use the Rincon Parkway North guide.

Waves crashing on the beach, Thornhill Broome State Beach, Ventura County, California
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Thornhill Broome State Beach

In southern Ventura County so close to the Malibu coast that you could be excused for thinking it's in Los Angeles County, Thornhill Broome State Beach is part of Point Mugu State Park. It has oceanside sites for RVs with cold showers and chemical toilets, but they also have tent spaces. In fact, this is the only place on the Ventura coast where you can set up your tent just feet away from the water and listen to waves crashing all night long. For more details, check the Thornhill Broome State Beach website.

More Beach Camping

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