Events in Venice, Italy, in November

November mists in the quiet backwaters of Venice.
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If you're planning a trip to the unique city of Venice in November, be sure to find out what's happening before you leave. In addition to major tourist attractions such as the Bridge of Sighs, Rialto Bridge, and St. Mark's Plaza, some festivities should be on your calendar. Here are a few highlights in this Italian must-visit city.

All Saints' Day

November 1: On this public holiday, Italians remember their deceased loved ones by visiting graves and cemeteries.

Note that many stores and services will be closed.

Festa della Salute

Every November 21: The Festa della Salute is yet another reminder of a plague that decimated Venice's population (see also the Festa del Redentore in Venice in July). One-third of Venice's citizens died from a plague that lasted from 1630 to 1631. At its conclusion, the survivors built the church of the Santa Maria della Salute in the Dorsoduro sestiere, which is where the feast day is commemorated by celebrants giving thanks at the church's altar.

La Biennale 

All month in odd-numbered years: This months-long contemporary arts extravaganza that is the Venice Biennale begins in June in odd-numbered years and ends in November. It features art, dance, film, architecture, music, and theater. 

Opera Season at La Fenice Theater

You'll never forget seeing an opera at Venice's famous opera house, Teatro La Fenice. Visit the Teatro La Fenice website for details on schedules and tickets.

For those outside Italy, La Fenice tickets can also be bought from Select Italy.

Weather in Italy in November

In November, you'll escape the heat (and tourists) as temperatures drop, which makes walking in this carless city more pleasant. Although Venice in November still has some sunny days, it is one of Italy's rainiest months.

Near month's end, you may also see some snow. This time of year, Venice often experiences acqua alta (flooding from high tides). However, don't let these factors discourage you from visiting one of Italy's most interesting cities, but remember to pack accordingly. 

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