Take a photo tour of the Venetian Las Vegas

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    Float into luxury at the Venetian

    Zeke Quezada

    This is high-end Las Vegas where large rooms, large restrooms, and big TV’s rule. The Venetian is decked out in every which way. If you want high-end shopping they have the Grand Canal Shoppes, if you want high-end restaurants they have 15.

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    Take your time and do a little research and you’ll find some good deals.

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    Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

    Grand Canal Shoppes Entrance in the Venetian Hotel and Casino
    Abraham Nowitz/Getty Images

    Gondola rides and cobbled stone walkways impress you as you make your way through the corridors of the Grand Canal Shoppes. Mostly high-end shops with a few of the regular mall residents thrown in for those of us with a little less cash. You will be impressed by the arched walkways and the winding canals that make you ask yourself why you didn’t go to Europe instead.

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    Gondola rides at the Venetian Las Vegas

    Electricity lights the sky and chilled water cools the air as tourists ride gondolas through the Grand Canal shopping arcade of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    George Steinmetz/Getty Images

    Get a romantic ride through the street of a mall. Exciting! Actually, it can be a lot of fun and so Las Vegas. The gondola glides past cafes and sidewalks and it is a good place to tell that special someone stories about how one day you will take them to Venice.

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    The Main Hallway at the Venetian Las Vegas

    Venetian Las Vegas

    This area of the Venetian that connects the Hotel check-in area with the casino is impressive. The amount of detail put into every aspect of the Venetian is exactly why it is one of the most luxurious resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

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    St. Marks Square at the Venetian

    St Marks Square, the Venetian
    Tanya Hart/Flickr/cc 2.0

    Dine outdoors in St. Marks Square in the indoor plaza. Confusing? This large area is home to a few restaurants and stores and gives you the feeling of being outside without the oppressive Las Vegas heat.

    From a café you can watch the Gondolas go by, the shoppers spend money and relax as if you were in Italy.

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    Dining at the Venetian

    T-bone steak with a loaded baked potato, broccoli, garlic bread and a glass of red wine in a holiday setting.
    John E. Kelly/Getty Images

    If you love to eat you will never leave the Venetian. A number of quality restaurants at the Venetian is mesmerizing. Of course, I end up at Postrio or Delmonico more often than I should but can you blame me?

    These are your dining options at the Venetian: Pinot Brasserie, Delmonico Steakhouse, The Grand Lux Cafe, Canaletto, Taqueria Canonita, Zefferino, Tintoretto's Bakery, Noodle Asia, Postrio, Valentino, Canyon Ranch Cafe, and Bouchon.

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    Madame Tussaud's at the Venetian

    Evel Knievel, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at the Venetian Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Richard Cummins/Getty Images

    Stand up close to a celebrity and just marvel at the work that the professionals at Madame Tussaud's put together. This is more than a museum it is an interactive tour and loads of fun. The experience includes singing with Elvis, marrying George Clooney, playing with Tiger Woods and much more celebrity rendezvous’.