9 Things To Do In Las Vegas That Don't Involve Gambling With Money

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It's not really gambling if it is really safe but some of those times when seek out activities that take us out of our comfort zone if feels like gambling. Those moments of adrenaline fueld bliss also make us feel more alive. Gambling exists in all forms on the Las Vegas strip and you can bet that you will get your fill of slot machines, blackjack tables and sports betting but if you really want to get your heart going why not push yourself to the outer limits of your own safe zone.

For some it maybe as simple as riding the High Roller at the LINQ to conquer their fear of heights and for others sitting down to a meal at a Las Vegas restaurant where they try foie gras for the first time can be a real challenge.

Our first attempt at getting you out of your Las Vegas comfort zone is Sky Combat Ace. Don't eat lunch first.

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Tossing And Turning With Sky Combat Ace In Las Vegas

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It is hardly gambling with your life if you are in an airplane with a very talented pilot but I can tell you that it feels like gambling. The fact that you can trust someone so quickly to take you up in a small airplane and then they decide to cut off the engine high above the desert should concern you.  It feels like the ground is coming up at you at such a high rate that you quickly start wondering if you should have decided to stay in the casino and play craps instead. You could easily lose if this was a game of chance but rest assured they are so supremely professional and talented that it really is just an unforgettable adventure.

Sky Combat Ace is hard to beat as one of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

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Step On It With Richard Petty Driving Experience

Courtesy of The Richard Petty Driving Experience

I was told to hit the throttle while turning into the corner. I was not screamed at but the engine was loud. Very loud. The adrenaline was flowing. My heart was pumping and my palms were sweating. It's not gambling when instructors advise you on every aspect of the driving experience. The calculated risk resides in not pushing your comfort zone and then facing the look on your friends face when your average speed is below 100 mph.

The Details on Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Defy Gravity at Stratosphere Tower

Alex Proimos / Wikimedia Commons

The casino is so close by that if you decide at the last minute not to risk it all you can just go down off the tower and consider yourself a failure. If you go for it consider the options for a little risk taking available at Stratosphere Tower. You can jump off, slide off, swing over or rocket straight up

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Squeal High Above Las Vegas on a ZipLine

Zip? Not sure why zip is the term that is used to describe a Zipline. Squeal lines should be what they are called as in you squeal when the time comes for you to fly across the air high above the Rio hotel on the VooDoo Zipline. Sure you are strapped into a metal seat that keeps you safe but it feels like the biggest mistake of your life right before they let you loose. That is when the high pitched sound comes out of your diaphragm. That is when you lose all sense of dignity. That is when you wish you would have just doubled down on 10 with a queen showing.

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Strap into a Rollercoaster in Las Vegas

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Rollercoasters can't be considered risky can they? Well, the Canyon Blaster at Adventuredome gives me a headache so the risk is of me mixing aspirin and cocktails later on in the evening. The Manhattan Express at New York-New York has me twisting and turning above the statue of liberty and racing down a steel rail at a speed that makes me uncomfortable. El Loco just scares me so. Risky behavior? Yes!

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Flying High With A Helicopter in Las Vegas

Courtesy of Viator.com

There is not much risk in a helicopter ride above Las Vegas but if you are afraid of heights it feels a bit scary to look out and see the world so far below your feet. Buzz across and over the Las Vegas strip and you’ll have so much fun you'll soon want to try a ride over the Grand Canyon.  There is not that much risk involved but the views can make you a bit queasy.

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Climb On In Las Vegas at Red Rock Canyon

Jarek Tuszyński / Wikimedia Commons

Cinch the harness tight, check the rope that is connecting you to the rock and the, “climb on!” A day of rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon is interrupted by great views and a few lessons on ecology and environmental awareness. Not because that is part of the curriculum but because the atmosphere sets itself up perfectly for the appreciation of nature. As for the gambling with one’s life. Well…while rock climbing can be dangerous the guides at American Alpine Institute are meticulous with their safety instruction and they guide you though each and every step of the process so you will have a fabulous time and feel very safe.

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Dive With Sharks at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

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The sharks are not just in the casino at Mandalay Bay. They are also at the aquarium and if you stay at the hotel and are a certified diver you can experience an afternoon with these magnificent creatures. There is no real gambling with your life in the aquarium as the sharks don’t really care that you have decided to take a swim with them but you will get some shark's teeth to bring home and everyone you know will think that you escaped rom the jaws of a great white in Las Vegas. Diving with sharks in Las Vegas should qualify as gambling, right?

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