Vanessa Boshoff

Vanessa Boshoff
Ecotourism expert.

Bom Dia, Buenas Dias, BonJour, Sawubona, Hola, Γεια σου, Salama, Goeie dag, ya'at'eeh, Jambo, Namaste, Ahoy Matey and Welcome to the wonderful world of Ecotourism!


Vanessa Boshoff is an adventure guide, wildlife naturalist, producer and world traveler. Vanessa most recently has been editing her first directorial debut - A Cowboy's Creed; a documentary about cowboy cultures around the world. She lives in Panama, creating and hosting environmental and social education programming for Latin America. She has produced over 30 one hour TV programs this year, that are distributed free of charge to local channels in 60 countries, in order to spark positive changes throughout the region. Working alongside other foundations such as UNICEF, the Red Cross, TNC and WFP, Vanessa is committed to continually strive towards a sustainable future for the planet.In the last few years, Vanessa has traveled around the globe to capture endangered species and animals, cultures and characters in rare, beautiful and time-sensitive moments among incredible, visual landscapes, in many different visual formats. She has had 2 series on Animal Planet, and continually works with many networks as talent, host, and producer. Vanessa grew up in Buffalo Valley on the outskirts of Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming. She was raised on a dude ranch where she had her first horse at five years old. A combination of cowboy naturalists and artsy theatre gurus, Vanessa's parents nurtured her desires for a career incorporating stage, screen and music mixed with her love for the wild world of animals and exotic travel. Between cooking on pack trips for her family's Triangle C Ranch, white-water rafting at the Boshoff family Rafiki Safari Lodge in Costa Rica and exploring the diverse world above and below the surface-  Vanessa's passion for Eco-travel is apparent in her daily life.


President - Flying V Designs - Panama Motion Pictures and Film** Director A Cowboy's Creed the Documentary
Producer / Director / Host - A Mother's Earth** A Jawesome Tale

** A Day in the Life of a Child (UNICEF) Embera tribe
Producer - Fundacion Albatros Media**** Produced 100 1 hour TV programs for Al Natural
Host / Creative Producer - Discovery Channel/Animal Planet** Springwatch USA - Co-Host with Jeff Corwin** Caught in the Moment - Co-Host with Tristan Bayer

Voice Over Artist - Discovery Channel**Lions of the Crocodile River** Wylands Whales** Orangutan Diaries

Adventure Guide - Philip Morris / Marlboro Adventure Tours** Worldwide tour guide

Adventure Guide - Weissmann Foundation** Worldwide tour guide

Backcountry Guide - Triangle C Ranch ** Wyoming

Travel Expert - Peace of Panama** Latin America

Vanessa Boshoff

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Khalil Gibran

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