Where to See the Best Views of Vancouver, BC

view of Vancouver cityscape at night

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There are many places around and near Vancouver that boast wonderful Vancouver views: Spots where you can see all of the city as well as the gorgeous scenery that surrounds Vancouver. These viewpoints are perfect spots to enjoy a glass of wine, hold hands with your partner, show off Vancouver to visiting friends and family, or just take in the majesty of Vancouver's skyline and geography.

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    The Lookout at the Harbour Centre - Downtown Vancouver

    Vancouver's Harbour Centre

    Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

    There are two Vancouver viewpoints in downtown Vancouver that give visitors 360° views of the city: The Lookout at the Harbour Centre and Cloud 9, the revolving restaurant atop the Empire Landmark Hotel (see below).

    Located at the Harbour Centre, The Lookout is a 553.16 ft-high (168.60 m) panoramic observation deck. Visitors can take a guided tour, or just walk around The Lookout on their own. If you get hungry on your trip, you can head down a level to the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant (also in the Harbour Centre) for lunch or dinner. 

    555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

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    Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant at Empire Landmark Hotel - Downtown Vancouver

    Robson Street from Cloud 9 Restaurant, Empire Hotel

     Colin Knowles/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    One of best Vancouver viewpoints and one of the top Vancouver restaurants with a view, Cloud 9 is a great place to take visitors to show off Vancouver's urban beauty. It beats Top of Vancouver as the best Vancouver revolving restaurant by being hipper, sleeker, and more fun--it has a fabulous piano-bar vibe that makes it a great nightspot. Plus you can enjoy drinks and dessert only (rather than a whole meal) at a window-side table.

    Cloud 9 is on the 42nd floor of the Empire Landmark Hotel; it's within walking distance of Robson Street Shopping.

    1400 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

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    English Bay Beach - Downtown Vancouver

    Sunset Beach, English Bay and West End, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Michael Wheatley/Getty Images

    One of Vancouver's top beaches, English Bay Beach is another ​favorite for Vancouver viewpoints. It's hard to beat the joy of sitting on the beach or a nearby park bench and taking in the extreme beauty of Vancouver's southwestern coastline. On clear days, the views from English Bay Beach extend past English Bay to Kits Beach, the mountains of West Vancouver, and beyond.

    English Bay Beach is located at the junction of Beach Avenue and Denman Street in the West End, just east of Stanley Park.

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    Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver

    North Quarry Garden, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Michael Wheatley/Getty Images

    The top of Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the best Vancouver viewpoints; it's also the highest point in the city of Vancouver.

    Queen Elizabeth Park is ideal for sunny days--when you can combine the view with a trip through the Park's Quarry Gardens. Enjoy free views of the city at the Park's top plaza (next to the Bloedel Conservatory and dancing fountains) or at Seasons in the Park Restaurant, another top restaurant with a view.

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    Granville Island - Vancouver

    Elevated view of park and city skyline from Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

    Manuel Sulzer/Getty Images

    No other Vancouver viewpoints offer the immediacy of Granville Island: On Granville Island, the views of downtown Vancouver are right there. Located just south of Downtown, it's one of the best spots to see the shiny, shiny buildings of the downtown core.

    Enjoy exploring Granville Island--and the famous Granville Island Public Market, where you can grab a picnic lunch to munch on the pier while taking in the views--or walk east along the Seaside Bicycle Route for more amazing, intimate views of Vancouver's downtown skyline.

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    Grouse Mountain - North Vancouver

    North Vancouver, Grouse Mountain, British Columbia

    Ron Watts/Getty Images

    One of the top Vancouver Attractions, Grouse Mountain is a year-round resort that offers skiing and snowboarding in winter, hiking in spring and summer, and entertainment, outdoor activities, and unparalleled views in every season.

    Grouse Mountain is located in North Vancouver, about 15 minutes (by car) north of downtown Vancouver. Its most popular viewpoints include the Eye of the Wind wind turbine, Grouse Mountain Skyride, Peak Chairlift Ride, The Observatory Restaurant, and Altitudes Bistro.

    6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver