Vancouver Luggage Storage

Leaving Baggage at YVR, the Cruise Terminal, or Train Station

Vancouver International Airport
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Finding a secure place in Vancouver to stash your suitcase doesn’t need to be a hassle. A small number of locations offer baggage storage service, and most hotels also offer the service to departing guests.

Whether you have a Vancouver layover, a west coast cruise, or quick visit planned, here’s where to leave your luggage.

Where to Store Your Baggage in Vancouver:

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    Vancouver International Airport

    For a layover, the Vancouver International Airport is the most convenient spot to leave your luggage. But longer storage is available too -- on a recent trip our plane wasn’t able to accommodate our surfboards, so we had to leave them at YVR.

    There are storage options in both the domestic and international terminals in the Vancouver International Airport.

    CDS Ltd. Baggage Services:
    Domestic Terminal:
    Before security on Level 2, 604-303-4519
    International Terminal: Before security on Level 2, 604-303-4500

    Priority Baggage:
    International Terminal:
    Before security on Level 3, 604-606-7402

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    Pacific Central Station

    Pacific Central, train and bus terminal, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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    This bus and train station is the hub for long-distance land travel in Vancouver. If you’re traveling by Greyhound, Amtrak, or VIA Rail, then Pacific Central Station will be the most convenient place to leave luggage.

    Address: 1150 Station St.
    Phone: 604-661-0328

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    Canada Place Storage for Cruise Passengers

    Canada Place and Cruise Ship
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    Cruise passengers can leave luggage at Canada Place before or after a cruise. Note that this is only available to cruise passengers for limited hours -- call ahead to confirm times.

    Address: At the cruise ship pier, 999 Canada Place
    Phone: 604-683-3696