Vancouver in June Weather and Event Guide

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Warmer weather and longer days make June a lovely time to visit Vancouver. Summer has fully settled in, as Vancouver isahead of the season curve in Canada. Flowers are in bloom and crowds are planted on the multitude of patios across the city. 

June Weather & Packing Info

The average temperature is 59º F (15º C) with daily highs getting into the upper 60s (67º F, or 19º C) and lows falling only to the 50s (52º F, or 11º C).

Visitors can expect rain about eight days out of 30. June to October months get less rain and 16 hours of daylight.

Whether you're going there on a day trip or for a longer stay, bring clothing for a wide range of temperatures, especially if you're planning to be near the water where breezes can be cool. Keep the jackets, sweatshirts, and shawls handy, and don't forget a pair of long pants. Vancouver residents tend to be laid back. If there is a "uniform," it's activewear, such as water-resistant clothing, shorts, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. 

Pack an unbrella, sunhat, and sunscreen, but you need bug spray only if you're heading out of the city. Biting insects are not common to central Vancouver.​

Dining and Drinks

Vancouver is known for its number of fine restaurants, especially seafood and ethnic cuisines born from its Chinese, Indian and Filipino communities, as more than 40 percent of the city's population was born outside of Canada.

You can find oyster bars, dim sum restaurants, sushi, coffeeshops, and even cheese and charcuterie plates.

Want seafood? Head to: Blue Water Cafe

Want to eat local? Try out: Forage

How about laid-back casual? Enjoy: 

Looking for upscale winners? Dine at: Chambar or Hawksworth.

Have to check out breweries or distilleries whereever you go?

Find your way to: 


Highlights and Events