Vancouver in June Weather and Event Guide

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Warmer Weather and Longer Days Make June a Great Time to Visit Vancouver

With Vancouver ahead of the season curve in Canada, come June, summer has fully settled in. Flowers are in bloom and crowds are planted on the multitude of patios across the city. 

June Weather in Vancouver:

  • Average June temperature: 15ºC / 59ºF
  • June daily high: 19ºC / 67ºF
  • June daily low: 11ºC / 52ºF
  • Visitors can expect rain about 8 days out of 30 in June.

What to Pack for Vancouver in June:

  • Pack for a wide range of temperatures, especially if you're planning to be near the water where breezes can be cool.
  • Keep in mind that Vancouver residents tend to be laid back. If there is a "uniform," it's activewear.
  • Shorts; t-shirts; long sleeve shirts, light, long pants; sandals; closed-toe shoes.
  • Water-resistant wear
  • Umbrella
  • Bug spray, but only if you're heading out of the city. Biting insects are not common to central Vancouver.
  • Sunhat, sunscreen
  • Evenings and even daytimes can still be chilly; a jacket or shawl is a good idea.

Vancouver in June Perks:

  • Warmer weather means visitors can enjoy more of Vancouver's great outdoor offerings, such as enjoying one of the city's many outside patios.
  • June to October months get less rain.
  • June days get 16 hours of daylight.

Vancouver in June Cons:

  • Let me know if you have a reason not to travel to Vancouver in June!

    Vancouver in June Highlights and Events:

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