Guide to Film Festivals in & around Vancouver

While the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is Vancouver's most famous film festival, it's just one of the diverse array of film festivals that come to Vancouver every year.

This quick guide offers a list of Vancouver Film Festivals, so cinephiles won't miss a thing!

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    Image Courtesy of VIFF

    Vancouver's biggest--and most famous--film festival, VIFF is also one of the five largest film festivals in North America. Every fall, VIFF screens over 300 films from 60+ countries, bringing the best of world cinema to Vancouver.

    The Vancouver International Film Festival is held annually in late September to early October.

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    VAFF is the oldest Asian film festival in Canada. Its mandate is to promote and showcase dynamic images of Asians and Canadian Asians, with a focus on contemporary Asian cinema--often made by North Americans of Asian descent. 

    The Vancouver Asian Film Festival is held in early November.

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    The Vancouver Jewish Film Centre's VJFF is the longest running Jewish film festival in Canada. This annual festival brings contemporary Jewish films from around the world to Vancouver, as well as panel discussions and other special events.

    The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival is held in early November.

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    Along with exhibiting 90+ films from Canada and around the world at the Whistler Film Festival, the Whistler Film Festival Society also produces one of the leading industry events in Western Canada, the Whistler Filmmaker Forum.

    The Whistler Film Festival and Filmmaker Forum are held in late November to early December.

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    DOXA, presented by the non-profit Documentary Media Society, is Western Canada's largest documentary film festival; it brings the best in independent and Canadian documentaries to Vancouver every May. As the Edmonton Journal says, DOXA "presents outstanding and challenging films audiences can’t see anywhere else." 

    DOXA is held in early to mid-March.

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    Following the Vancouver Pride Parade and Pride Festival (which always takes place in early August), this annual film fest brings the best queer independent cinema to Vancouver.

    The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is held in early August.

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    The Cinémathèque Vancouver
    Image Courtesy of Pacific Cinémathèque Pacifique

    Operated by the Pacific Cinémathèque Pacifique, one of the most active film organizations in North America, The Cinémathèque not only plays host to many of the film festivals on this list--including the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Queer Film Festival, and the EU Film Festival--it also has its own cinema series, e.g., Summer 2014's Film Noir series. You can find their Program Guide around Metro Vancouver, or online, and find wonderfully curated films year-round.