Amy Watkins

Amy Watkins in Vancouver, BC
••• Amy Watkins, Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Amy Watkins is a British-born freelance travel and lifestyle journalist who moved to Vancouver, BC, in 2012 after falling in love with Canada's West Coast.


Amy has written for a wide range of international publications from Conde Nast Traveller, Wanderlust, Sunday Times Travel, the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday in the UK, to Canada's national Globe & Mail newspaper. Amy also writes for a diverse selection of travel clients from national tourism boards to cruise lines, hotels and restaurants.


Amy holds a BA in Journalism from Cardiff University in the UK, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Magazine Studies, and qualifications in PR and digital marketing.

Amy Watkins

Vancouver captured my heart as a teenager and I returned time and time again before making the move here in 2012. I love my adopted city and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing scenery and an incredible food scene. I came for the sushi and stayed for the mountains, beaches and forests.

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