Vancouver Discount Stores: Budget Shopping in British Columbia

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Vancouver is known as an energetic coastal seaport in Canada, right in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. This dense and diverse city is mountainous and has an excellent art, film, music, and theatre community. Tourists and visitors shopping in Vancouver may want to grab a souvenir or get an entirely new home's worth of things from the popular metropolis. While travelers love shopping in Vancouver, it can be very expensive for those traveling on a tight budget. Fortunately, travelers can still shop and stay under budget with Metro Vancouver's most popular discount stores, as recommended below.

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    Welk's Mart

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    Welk's Mart is a small three-store chain of neighborhood discount stores with bargain prices on sewing supplies, arts and crafts supplies, beauty products, cooking and kitchenware, hardware, and more. Known by local travel guides as "the place that has it all," shoppers will find it easy to pick up anything from tools to plants, to cleaning supplies, to gifts like a coffee press.

    There is one Welk's Mart in Vancouver, on Main Street and 19th Avenue. For those who can't get to the brick and mortar store on the daily, Welk's is available online for some of their best products, from soy candles to baby toys.

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    Winners carry discounted fashion, beauty products, and home accessories. The good news for shoppers is that prices are 20-60% lower than regular department and specialty store prices. Separate from an outlet shop, Winners focuses on offering various brands from thousands of vendors globally, from the latest name brands to the most fashionable accessories for women, men, and children.

    The store has several locations throughout Metro Vancouver, including downtown Vancouver near Pacific Centre Mall and in Metropolis at Metrotown.

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    Real Canadian Superstore

    Real Canadian Superstore

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    The Real Canadian Superstore carries groceries, home decor and furnishings, clothes, beauty products and accessories, electronics, garden supplies, jewelry, and more. An app is available for additional savings on the App Store and online orders are accepted. The one-stop-shop also provides a wellness center for diet, natural foods, vision and medical assistance, and pharmacy services.

    There are Superstore locations throughout Metro Vancouver, including two in Vancouver on Grandview Highway and Marine Drive. Additional locations are available in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

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    When it comes to U.S. discount stores in Vancouver, none is more popular than Costco. There is an annual membership fee. Costco has discounts on everything from groceries, electronics, and winter clothes in bulk quantities.

    Parking lots are known to be spacious even when Costco gets busy. During the week is a recommended time to go to avoid a crowd and lengthy checkout lines. The Vancouver Costco is located at 605 Expo Boulevard, near Chinatown.

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    Walmart carries nearly everything. Shoppers can find groceries, housewares and home decor, sporting goods, beauty products, clothes, toys, electronics, garden supplies, seasonal products, books, and much more.

    Walmart provides weekly ads to see what's in store and what's been newly released. Most Walmart stores are open 24 hours for convenience and also offer services like Tire & Lube, a Garden Center, the Pharmacy, a Photo Center, and so on. There is a Walmart Supercentre on Grandview Highway and Boundary Road, and there are stores in North Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby.