Vancouver Chinatown Night Market

Chinatown Night Market Vancouver
••• Food Vendor at Chinatown Night Market. Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

As of 2014, the Chinatown Night Market has gone on indefinite hiatus. It will not return for summer 2016. 

For information on all other Metro Vancouver night markets: Guide to Vancouver Summer Night Markets.

Asian-style summer night markets are a tradition in Vancouver, serving up tons of food and lots of cheap souvenirs and goodies. The Vancouver Chinatown Night Market is the oldest night market in Vancouver; it's smaller than the two huge night markets in Richmond (just south of Vancouver), but has a charm and authenticity that make it a local favourite.

Vancouver Chinatown Night Market
Chinatown’s night market has something for everyone, including Asian handicrafts, fashionable gifts, and lots of food. The Market expanded in 2013 to include more activities--including outdoor movies and ping pong--and even more food vendors than in previous years.

When: On indefinite hiatus

Where: Keefer St., between Main St. and Columbia St., Chinatown, Vancouver