Traveler's Guide to Vancouver Breweries & Tasting Rooms

Vancouver, BC Breweries With Tasting Rooms

Vancouver's craft beer scene has exploded over the last decade. Now, like Seattle and Portland, there are enough Vancouver craft breweries that you can make an entire trip to Vancouver that's just about beer!

In this Guide, we focus on Vancouver breweries with tasting rooms inside the City of Vancouver. For options throughout the Lower Mainland (including Burnaby, Delta, and North Vancouver), check out this exhaustive list from Vancity Buzz.

Creating your own brewery tour is more fun, but if you'd enjoy an organized tour, Vancouver Brewery Tours offer just that.

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    Famous Vancouver Breweries

    Granville Island Brewing
    ••• Beer samples at the tour for Granville Island Brewing. Photo by Dana Lynch

    Let's start with Vancouver's most famous breweries. 

    • Granville Island Brewing (1441 Cartwright Street) is Vancouver's oldest microbrewery, and you can sample the beers and tour the facilities at Granville Island.
    • Steamworks Brewery (3845 William Street) is both a brewery and a restaurant with a gorgeous location on the Downtown waterfront.

    For serious craft beer aficionados, the can't-miss Vancouver breweries are Powell Street, Parallel 49 and Storm Brewing, all located in East Vancouver (about 20 minutes by car from Downtown).

    • Powell Street  (1357 Powell Street) won the 2013 Canadian “Beer of the Year” from the Canadian Brewing Awards for their Old Jalopy Pale Ale.
    • Parallel 49 (1950 Triumph Street) is one of Vancouver's leading craft breweries (and a personal favorite--I drink Gypsy Tears at home)
    • Storm (310 Commercial Drive) - Vancouver's longest running independent craft brewery, Storm is a local legend.
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    Vancouver Breweries on/Near Main Street

    Tasting Room at Main Street Brewing, Vancouver, BC
    ••• Tasting Room at Main Street Brewing, Vancouver, BC. Photo by Dana Lynch

    There are three Vancouver breweries with tasting rooms on or near Main Street in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighborhood; they're within walking distance of each other, so it's easy to visit all three.

    • Brassneck Brewery (2148 Main Street) offers great sample paddles and has knowledgeable staff.
    • 33 Acres (15 West 8th Avenue) is sleek and modern.
    • Main Street Brewery (261 East 7th Avenue) has a great Vancouver vibe and is family-friendly.

    Hungry? Walk south on Main Street to SoMa's (South Main's) best restaurants.

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    East Vancouver Breweries

    Fermenters at Bomber Brewing, Vancouver, BC
    ••• Fermenters at Bomber Brewing, Vancouver, BC. Image Courtesy of Bomber Brewing

    There are several great Vancouver breweries in East Van, clustered around Commercial Drive (a great place to eat, before or after).

    • Bomber Brewing (1488 Adanac Street) will let you see the back-room brewery if it's not too busy.
    •  Off the Rail (1351 Adanac Street) is close to Bomber Brewing, so you can easily visit both.
    • Strange Fellows Brewing (1345 Clark Drive) is a newer Vancouver brewery that specializes in sour beer.

    Also in East Van, but closer to Downtown Vancouver than Commercial Drive:

    • Postmark Brewing (55 Dunlevy Avenue) shares a building with Vancouver Urban Winery.
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    Growlers & Sample Paddles Explained

    Growlers at Brassneck Brewery, Vancouver, BC
    ••• Growlers at Brassneck Brewery. Photo by Dana Lynch

    If you're new to the craft beer scene, here's a quick primer on tasting room vocabulary:

    • A growler is a reusable, glass ​bottle for beer. You can purchase a growler (full of beer) at a brewery's tasting room to take home with you, or you can bring in an empty growler to be filled.
    • A sample paddle is a wooden paddle that holds at least four small glasses of beer, for sampling. Most breweries have knowledgeable staff that can help you select which beers to try, or you can choose for yourself.