Guide to Vancouver Weather

When should you bring an umbrella--and when should you leave it home?

West End skyline with snowy mountains in the background, Vancouver, BC
••• Vancouver, BC. Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver / Andy Mons

Despite its reputation as a city where it always rains, the weather actually varies quite a bit throughout the year in Vancouver. What's more, it's milder in this populous seaport of British Columbia than the rest of Canada, so it has relatively warm winters, and a shorter period of heat during the summer.

Whether you live there, or plan on visiting it sometime--and Vancouver is often voted as the nicest place to live on the planet--it's always helpful to know what the weather will bring.

 Here's a handy guide to the average monthly temperatures:

For current weather conditions: Environment Canada Vancouver Weather.

Vancouver Average Monthly Temperatures

Note: Precipitation is measured in millimeters (to convert to inches, multiply by .04, so the first entry would be almost 6 inches).

Vancouver weather in January
Average high temperature: 6ºC / 42ºF
Average low temperature: 1ºC / 32ºF
Average precipitation: 149.9 

Vancouver weather in February
Average high temperature: 8ºC / 46ºF
Average low temperature: 1ºC / 34ºF
Average precipitation: 124.5

Vancouver weather in March
Average high temperature: 9ºC / 49ºF
Average low temperature: 2ºC / 36ºF
Average precipitation: 109.2

Vancouver weather in April
Average high temperature: 12ºC / 54ºF
Average low temperature: 4ºC / 40ºF
Average precipitation: 76.2

Vancouver weather in May
Average high temperature: 16ºC / 61ºF
Average low temperature: 8ºC / 46ºF
Average precipitation: 61

Vancouver weather in June
Average high temperature: 19ºC / 66ºF
Average low temperature: 11ºC / 51ºF
Average precipitation: 45.2

Vancouver weather in July
Average high temperature: 22ºC / 71ºF
Average low temperature: 12ºC / 54ºF
Average precipitation: 35.6

Vancouver weather in August
Average high temperature: 22ºC / 71ºF
Average low temperature: 13ºC / 55ºF
Average precipitation: 38.1

Vancouver weather in September
Average high temperature: 18ºC / 65ºF
Average low temperature: 10ºC / 50ºF
Average precipitation: 63.5

Vancouver weather in October
Average high temperature: 13ºC / 56ºF
Average low temperature: 6ºC / 43ºF
Average precipitation: 114.3

Vancouver weather in November
Average high temperature: 9ºC / 48ºF
Average low temperature: 3ºC / 37ºF
Average precipitation: 170.2

Vancouver weather in December
Average high temperature: 6ºC / 43ºF
Average low temperature: 1ºC / 33ºF
Average precipitation: 177.8

If  you're planning to go to Vancouver for either work or pleasure, check out How to Pack For Your Trip to Vancouver for tips on what types of clothes to bring, depending on the time of year. And, yes, even though it doesn't always rain despite what you've hearrd, don't forget to pack an umbrella!

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