Valentine's Day in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City becomes your romantic getaway for the Valentine's Day holiday. Explore some of the best the city has to offer in hotels, shopping, restaurants and more, all to make your Valentine's Day a special one for you and your significant other.

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Valentine's Day Flowers
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You simply can't survive the holiday without flowers. They are quintessential Valentine's Day, and in many instances you're likely to anger that special someone if you forgo buying some. So check out floral arrangements perfect for the holiday and order online, quickly and easily.

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Date Ideas

Valentine's Date
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Dinner and a movie is the old standby for Valentine's Day, of course, and here are some ideas for that. But also get information on all of the current Valentine's Day events, a few other holiday date ideas, great recipes for a do it yourself holiday, metro picnic ideas and more.

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Romantic Restaurants

Romantic Dinner
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There are many nice restaurants in Oklahoma City, several of which would be perfect for celebrating the Valentine's Day holiday. Look for upscale dining that is quiet and romantic.

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Valentine's Day Specials

National Cowboy Museum Oklahoma City
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Restaurants and businesses want to make it as easy as possible on you to make that OKC Valentine's Day special. So here are a few unique options, specials such as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum's Dinner and Dance or a singing valentine that you can either base your evening around or use just as little extras.

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Things to Avoid on Valentine's Day

Eating With Your Hands
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It's so difficult to make Valentine's Day just right, so take a break and enjoy these tongue-in-cheek tips on things NOT to do for the holiday, practices such as eating with your hands.  Hey, if you're looking for a way out, think of them as Valentine's Day relationship-killers.

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Downtown Hotels

Skirvin Hotel Oklahoma City
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If you really want a romantic evening with that significant other, consider a stay in one of Oklahoma City's finest hotels downtown. Not only are they some of the best in the city, but they are sure to go the extra mile to make your holiday amazing.

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OKC Shopping Malls

Penn Square Mall OKC
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Flowers are great, and an evening of fun together is a big part as well. But get that special someone a unique Valentine's Day gift from one of Oklahoma City's shopping malls, and you are sure to impress.

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Oklahoma Wines

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A bottle of wine is an excellent addition to any romantic evening, whether it is part of a special dinner at home or a pre or post-date celebration.  Try something unique with a product from one of Oklahoma's very own wineries.

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Weddings and Wedding Receptions

Myriad Gardens OKC
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Alright, maybe this is jumping ahead a little bit here. But who knows? Maybe Valentine's Day is the time for some to take the marriage leap. Here are some of the best OKC wedding and reception sites for those planning that big day.

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