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Featuring a wide array of luxury vacation homes from around the world, Dream Exotic Rentals began as an idea in 2000 by Maria Salazar and is based out of Miami, Florida. It is a by owner marketing resource that posts homes people want to rent out to vacationers. Instead of posting every offer that is sent, they only list those that meet their criteria. Homes that are for sale are never listed, and any owner that receives negative feedback is immediately dropped which really can give peace of mind to potential renters. Their sole purpose is to advertise and market only the best in vacation rentals. They work with the owner to make sure the property is easily seen and available on the web.

Where Are Dream Exotic Rentals Available?

From Africa to Asia, there are multiple rentals in over 80 countries and over 20 U.S. states. To find a location, simply choose the destination on Dream Exotic Rentals. Once selected, all available homes are listed along with the bedroom and bathroom count, how many it can sleep, the general price range, and the weekly peak. If the price ranges are unavailable, inquiries are accepted. Further details consist of high-quality photographs of the unit, a detailed description of the amenities, and that specific villa’s policies. If there are certain requirements a rental needs to meet, the staff is more than happy to help find locations that fit those needs. If a match is made, 50% of the purchase must be made to book it, and 50% is due 60 days prior to the dates held.

What Is It Like to Work With Dream Exotic Rentals?

As a part of their service, Dream Exotic Rentals handles all of the transactions making it very easy to rent the perfect vacation home. From initial inquiries to contract signing and follow up, the owner of the villa never actually converses with the renter. Everything is done through their staff. When the locations are agreed upon, an invoice is sent to the renter. When the first payment is made, the updated invoice is sent to the owner. Once the complete payment arrives, the agreed upon commission is subtracted, and the remainder is sent to the owner. All of this is detailed in a contract, protecting the investments of all involved. After the vacation, the staff speaks with the renters to verify that everything was up to standard and the property should continue to be listed.

Dream Exotic Rentals is one of the many sites owned by Luxury Lifestyle Management Inc. and is affiliated with Estate Vacation Rentals, Pets Get to Stay, Luxury Lifestyle Rentals, Hot Cars Miami, European Vacation Rentals, Celebrity Yacht Charters, and By Owner Villa Rentals. This is a great group of websites catering to the discriminating and upscale travelers.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Luxury Lifestyles has an A+ and has many positive reviews across the internet from satisfied customers. All of the client reviews on the site talk about how accommodating the staff is even when events happen that either require a change of plans or full cancellation. We appreciate this type of feedback because we know that things can go wrong. This gives peace of mind when booking a vacation rental as things may always come up surrounding a vacation causing plans to change. You can truly find a one of kind vacation rental and perhaps even your dream home vacation rental with Dream Exotic Rentals. Happy traveling!

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