Craigslist Miami

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What is Craigslist Miami?

Craigslist Miami is a website that allows individuals to connect with each other to buy and sell products, services and exchange information. It is essentially a heavily used online classifieds service.

Where is Craigslist Miami located?

Craigslist Miami is a website that does not have a physical location in South Florida. You can access it online at Craigslist South Florida.

The website covers our entire region.

Who started Craigslist?

Craigslist was started by Craig Newmark in 1995 as a small service shared among friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has since grown to a tremendous website that employs a staff of over 25 individuals and adds over 80 million new advertisements each month.

Is it safe to use Craigslist?

You should treat Craigslist like any other online transaction and adopt an attitude of “buyer beware”. There is no screening mechanism for Craigslist advertisers and you should never put yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe. You need to use caution, but there’s no reason not to use Craiglist that wouldn’t apply to answering a classified ad in your local newspaper. 

What can you buy and sell on Craigslist?

Basically, anything that’s legal to sell. There is a list of Prohibited Items that may not be sold on Craigslist, but unless you’re trying to sell a stolen military weapon or illegal drugs, you’re probably OK.

How much does Craigslist cost to use?

There is no fee to purchase items from advertisements on Craigslist. It’s also free to post most types of advertisements. There are fees for posting jobs in some parts of the country as well as a few other categories.