Using ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) in New York City

You're never far from an ATM in NYC

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  • Most ATMs charge $1-3 for the convenience of accessing your cash -- this is in addition to whatever your home bank might charge you.
  • In addition to bank locations, there are ATMs are located in delis, pharmacies (Duane Reade, CVS), delis, fast food restaurants and hotel lobbies around New York City. It is rare in New York City that you would have to walk more than 2-3 blocks to find an ATM.
  • Some grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as the US Post Office will let you get cash back with a purchase on your ATM card -- this can be a good way to avoid excess fees for small withdrawals (most places have a limit of $35-50 for cash back).
  • ATM cards that are associated with a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard) can often be used as credit cards at restaurants and stores that may not accept regular ATM cards.
  • In fact, you'll need to use your ATM card as a "debit" card in most locations aside from ATMs.
  • Use caution when taking money out of an ATM -- pay attention to your surroundings and if there are any suspicious looking folks around, it might make sense to try an alternate location.
  • Keep your pin a secret -- the police even suggest covering your hand when you put the pin into the machine, because there are criminals that use cameras to get people's pin numbers so they can create cards and use them fraudulently.
  • If you're planning to use your ATM card to withdraw cash on vacation, it's always a good idea to let your bank know that you're traveling -- you don't want them to shut off your account because of "suspicious" withdrawals if you're the one taking out the money on vacation.

    ATM Tips for International Visitors

    • As long as your foreign issued credit card or bank card is compatible with the popular NICE or CIRRUS networks, you can easily withdrawal money using an ATM and your PIN code.
    • Check with your bank or credit card company to find out what fees there are for foreign withdrawals. Banks frequently charge a currency exchange fee, in addition to a flat fee for making a withdrawal.