Using a TTC Day Pass

Ride All Day on Toronto's Public Transit System

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Even if you don't usually ride public transit in Toronto, the TTC's Day Pass offers great value if you have a long list of errands to run in various areas of the city, or are planning a day of fun all over Toronto. And on weekends and statutory holidays, you can take a friend and a whole herd of kids or teens along with you for one price.

Using a TTC Day Pass on Weekdays

On weekdays, a single rider can use the Day Pass to get on any of the TTC's regular routes from the start of service until 5:30am the next day. Unlike when you use a transfer, you can get on and off anywhere you like, which is a real plus when you've got to make a lot of quick stops. Just be sure to hang onto the pass and always show it when you're boarding a bus, streetcar or the subway.

Using a TTC Day Pass on Weekends and Statutory Holidays

This is where the value of the TTC Day Pass really kicks in. On weekends and statutory holidays, the pass is good for one adult, two adults, one adult plus one to five children/teens aged 19 and under, or two adults plus one to four children/teens aged 19 and under. So rather than everyone in the group having to pay their own way, one pass gets the whole group on the TTC - all day l long.

Be sure to show the pass every time you board and always get on as a group, indicating to the driver or booth agent who is traveling on the pass. Teens should be prepared to show proof of age if requested.

The only drawback is that service is reduced on these days and generally starts later in the morning -- especially on Sundays and holidays. Check the TTC schedules carefully before you leave and as you're planning your weekend and holiday excursions.

How Much Does a Day Pass Cost?

Whether you're planning to use it on a weekday, weekend or statutory holiday, a TTC Day Pass is always the same price. It is also the same price for adults, students, and seniors.

As of February, 2019 a TTC Day Pass costs $12.50

How to Use a TTC Day Pass

The pass may be bought from a subway station booth agent either on the day you intend to use it, or in advance. Some convenience stores that are designated as TTC Agents will also have Day Passes available to buy. Just note that you won't be able to buy one from a bus or streetcar driver.

The Day Pass is a card that's about the same size as a lottery scratch card -- which is fitting since it also has areas that need to be scratched off before you can use it. There are twelve spots labeled with the months of the year, and then spaces numbered one to thirty-one. You need to scratch off the month and day that correspond with the day of use. You also need to write in the month and day in pen in the space provided at the top of the pass.

If you buy the pass from a subway booth attendant on the same day you want to use it, they'll take care of filling it in for you. But unless you live within walking distance of the subway, it's a good idea to pick up a blank one to have on hand at home. That way you'll never be stuck paying your first fare of the day to get to where you can purchase a Day Pass.

When is it Worth Buying a Day Pass?

On weekdays, it's a good idea for an adult to buy a Day Pass when they're planning on taking four to five trips or more. If you were going to pay cash instead, you're saving money on the fourth trip. If you would have been using tokens, you're saving money on the fifth trip. On the fourth trip however using tokens would only cost you 15¢ less, so it may be worth buying a pass anyway on the chance you'll add an unplanned stop to your day.

On weekends and holidays the trip that you start saving money on varies greatly depending on the size of your group. But chances are, as soon as you're planning on visiting more than one spot with friends or family, the Day Pass is a good option to look into.

In addition, free parking may be available at TTC Commuter Parking Lots all day Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays, meaning you can drive, park, and then use the TTC for the rest of the day if that's more convenient for you. But check out the TTC parking information before you start planning.

Remember to Consider a TTC Day Pass When You're:

  • Apartment hunting
  • Job hunting
  • Doing a pub crawl
  • Entertaining an out-of-town friend
  • Just plain bored and want to explore Toronto's many neighborhoods

Updated by Jessica Padykula