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Trivago is a hotel search and price comparison website. Trivago works with over 400 hotel booking sites, as of this writing, and compiles hotel pricing data in over 30 languages for its users. Trivago's hotel, vacation apartment and bed and breakfast inn data come from partner websites, lodging properties, and Trivago's users.

When you search for a hotel on Trivago, you will see a list of online hotel booking sites that are offering rooms at that hotel for your selected dates, along with corresponding prices. You can click on any of the deals offered on the list to get more information.

What Trivago Is Not

Trivago is not a hotel booking website, although many of its users think it is. When you choose a hotel via Trivago's website, you are automatically taken to the hotel booking site you selected. You complete the reservation process on that hotel booking site, not on Trivago.

How Can I Find Hotels That Meet My Needs With Trivago?

One of Trivago's best features is its "more filters" option. Trivago's filters include everything from a hotel's distance from a specific address, such as your relative's home or a must-see attraction, whether or not pets are allowed – this filter is found in the "hotel facilities" category – and whether the room is cooled by air conditioning, a fan, or Mother Nature. You can also filter using the hotel star rating system or by guest rating statistics.

Before you start searching for hotels, look at the filters on the left side of the page. (Click on "more filters" to see the categories.) Choose the filters that apply to you by clicking on the appropriate boxes and dragging the "distance" and "price" indicators to the right or left if necessary.

How Can I Get the Best Hotel Rate Using Trivago?

Trivago uses the search parameters you enter to find hotels for you. Your search results will show information from various hotel booking sites. Some sites may quote a price that includes breakfast, while others may not, so you will need to read a small amount of fine print.

Once you have looked over all the hotels and rates presented by Trivago, you may want to spend a few minutes looking at the hotel's own website or reading hotel reviews before you make a reservation. It is always a good idea to visit a hotel's own website to compare prices and availability with hotel booking sites, just as you would check airfares on a particular airline's website before booking through an online travel agency.

Tips for Using Trivago

Be sure to look carefully at the hotel booking website you use before you complete your reservation. Check dates and hotel rates; some Trivago users have reported problems with date and room rate changes. Most importantly, read the hotel's cancellation policy before you book.

Use Trivago's information feature (click on the box with the lowercase i and the words "hotel details") to find out more about each hotel before you book.

You can conduct your Trivago hotel search using the languages and currencies of 50 different countries. To change currencies, go to the top of the page and click on the drop-down currency menu, signified by your country's currency symbol, in the upper right corner of the Trivago page you are viewing. (Tip: The symbol for US dollars is USD.)

To change languages, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the flag icon in the lower right-hand corner. Use the drop-down menu to select your language. You can also change languages using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of Trivago's website, but your choice will be limited to languages used by large numbers of people in your home country.

The prices shown on Trivago's search result page do not include taxes, according to the footnote at the bottom of the page. Prices shown are per room, not per person. Extra fees, such as resort fees or rollaway bed fees, are also not included.

You may not be able to earn hotel loyalty points or use rewards program perks if you reserve your room through a hotel booking site you reached through a Trivago search. If loyalty points are important to you, contact the hotel in question before you make a reservation.

Trivago is also available as a smartphone app.

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