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Next time you are choosing a flight, take a look at before you select your seat. With so many different airframes and configurations available, each airline's seat offerings are a little different. SeatGuru has compiled information, seating charts, and air travel tips for over 95 airlines and currently provides approximately 700 seat maps (seating charts) to help you optimize your air travel experience.

Let's take a closer look at SeatGuru's best features.

Seat Maps

SeatGuru's seat maps are its most useful feature. You can search by airline and flight number, by airline and route or by air carrier name to find your particular seat map. (Tip: If you're not sure which seat map is associated with your flight, you can look up a seating chart on your air carrier's website, then find the same seat map at

As you mouse over individual seats on a SeatGuru seat map, you will be able to read information about legroom, visibility, proximity to restrooms and carry-on storage for each seat. SeatGuru can also tell you which seats have electrical outlets and what type of entertainment system is on your particular airplane. These handy tips will help you find a seat that meets your needs.
For example, if you are very tall, SeatGuru can tell you which seats on your airplane have limited recline. Choosing a seat behind a limited-recline seat reduces the chances that you'll be trapped in your seat by a passenger who reclines right onto your knees.

Comparison Charts

SeatGuru also offers a series of comparison charts, sorted by type and length of the flight. These comparison charts are actually online databases that you can sort by air carrier name, seat pitch or any other column heading. You can use these charts to find airlines that offer more legroom, better entertainment systems or other amenities that are important to you.

SeatGuru Mobile

You can check SeatGuru's seat maps with your smartphone using its mobile website. You can access seat maps, seat measurements, entertainment system information and power port availability for over 700 air frames using your smartphone or PDA.

Air Travel Tips

SeatGuru's air travel tips and reviews offer highly useful information specific to airline travel. You can learn how you'll board your aircraft, read about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product or service and find out what you are permitted to bring onboard your aircraft when you fly.

The Bottom Line is a highly useful website that provides air travelers with detailed seating information and helpful travel hints. Whether you fly only once a year or board an airplane once per week, you'll find something at that will make your air travel experience just a little bit nicer.

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