Clothing-Optional Resorts and Nude Beaches in the USA

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Would you go to a nude beach or clothing-optional resort in the USA on your next romantic getaway? Thousands of people do. If you're nude-curious, consider visiting one of these places close to where you live. Several offer day passes. If you find that you enjoy the clothing-optional lifestyle and the people it attracts, consider spending your next vacation at a resort or beach where you'll need to pack little more than your toothbrush.

Below is a sampling of clothing-optional resorts and nude beaches across the USA, from sunny and hot Arizona to places in the midwest to properties in New England that give us the shivers till August arrives.


  • Mira Vista Resort - a clothes-free property, Mira Vista offers nudists a Southwestern-style vacation. 
  • Shangri La Ranch - a family- and couples- oriented ranch (nude horseback riding available) that is located 45 minutes from the Phoenix airport.








      • Turtle Lake Resort - this clothing-optional resort in the south-central part of the state maintains that nudity is required when and where practical.

      New Jersey

      • Gunnison Beach - off Sandy Hook, this is the state's only legal nude beach.
      • Sky Farm - clothing-optional property located in Basking Ridge, 45 miles from New York City.

      New York





      • Hippie Hollow - Chill, clothing-optional Lake Travis beach in Austin.
      • Lone Star Resort - an hour from the Houston airport and offering tours of the property.
      • Sandpipers Resort - an adult nudist resort shaded by palm trees  in deep-south Texas.
      • UFO Beach - on South Padre Island and popular with spring breakers.


      • Abbott's Glen - Year-round (brrr!) clothing-optional inn and nudist resort on 55 acres in southern Vermont. Welcomes day visitors.
      • Coventry Resort -  Cottages and campground facilities beside a lake in Milton.


      • Mazo BeachThe New York Times describes one of the most popular beaches in America and the law's attempts to squelch it.

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