Private Luxury Train Travel in the United States

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Consider holding a corporate function or entertaining on a moving train car surrounded with luxury. Meeting planners looking for an unmatched venue with a unique luxury experience for business or pleasure should take a closer look at private rail car travel.

Luxury trains can be chartered for functions all across the United States. Trains can be relocated to a chosen pick up point and join an Amtrak route. Some luxury rail cars have overnight accommodations for several guests. Many others are designed for daytime or evening business functions. A number of the modernized cars are equipped with full bars, kitchens, granite or stainless steel showers and sinks, fine wood fixtures and beautiful lounges with glass domes for viewing. Numerous train cars are accompanied by a private chef and steward.

Charter rail companies will assemble a rail trip to satisfy the client's needs. Prices can be per guest for certain mileage quotes. While some quotes are for specific group rates after mileage, amenities, stops and number of guests are counted.

Imagine These Ultimate Vacation Rail Trips

  1. Family vacations traveling in luxury through one of the magnificent national parks throughout the United States.
  2. A group of seniors enjoying the countryside from San Francisco to Alaska aboard a classic 1960's era streamliner train, including a gourmet chef, cocktail parties and many beautiful stops along the way.
  3. A small wedding reception from the groom's hometown to the bride's hometown, or vice-versa.
  4. Train enthusiasts riding the rail in luxury to a favorite destination.
  5. History buffs recreating nostalgic travel from yesteryear.
  6. Luxury travel for groups to sporting events.

Popular Business functions from a few to several hundred guests aboard private train cars include:

  1. Customer or employee incentives.
  2. Launching new products or services.
  3. Corporate hospitality.
  4. Corporate meetings needing an inspirational environment.
  5. Imaginative corporate events.
  6. Fundraising benefit functions.

Vintage Luxury Trains Found Around the USA

  • The Warren R. Henry, built in 1955 for Union Pacific, now privately owned and named for Warren R, Henry, who worked at the Sante Fe Railroad for more than 40 years. This beauty offers panoramic viewing in the upstairs dome, a formal dining room or boardroom, plus a complete bar and walk-out platform. 22 passengers can enjoy this splendor during the day or 12 dining seats. A chef, steward, and staff are included.
  • The Evelyn Henry was built in 1954 also for Union Pacific and is now privately owned, named after Warren R. Henry's wife, Evelyn Henry. Guests can enjoy a spacious "Grand Canyon" master suite with a queen bed, private bath and spacious closet. Six double bedrooms are also contained in this private car, with lower and upper beds, or four deluxe suites with two lower beds in each. A shower and bath are located between each pair of bedrooms. There is a library on board and 24-hour laundry service.
  • Royal Street Private Rail Car went into service in 1950. Includes five bedrooms, shower, buffet with limited meal service.
  • Pacific Union was built in 1950 by Budd Company. The stainless steel vintage car comes with six double bedrooms equipped with a toilet and sink in each, ten roomettes, some with a fold-down sink and private toilets. There is a stainless steel shower and changing area, along with a stainless steel buffet for meal service.
  • Silver Solarium, in Oakland, CA, a popular chartered rail car, has often been used in movies. 24 passengers can be accommodated by day, and eight to nine overnight. There are five baths, 24 dining seats, and 37 lounge seats. A beautiful observation area and dome area are an added bonus.
  • Alder Falls found in New York City, makes a perfect party car, seating up to 20.
  • The Kitchi-Gammi-Club, great for families or business, sleeps ten, has two baths, and one shower. It boasts a private stateroom with a queen bed. There is also a full lounge with a business presentation center. The car seats ten for dining.
  • The Mount Vernon, built between December 1949 and June 1950 for Pullman service on the Union Pacific. Ten-day passengers can fill the car during the day, plus ten dining seats are available. There are 12 beds for an overnight stay. The showering compartment features gorgeous marble tile. This luxury car also includes a fully equipped stainless steel kitchen, lounge and dining area.
  • Silver Quail was built in 1952 by the Budd Company. The private car has 11 double bedrooms featured with either a short sofa, lounge chair, or long sofa with fold out bed combinations. The double bedrooms have a toilet, sink and lighted mirror, plus a full-size shower and changing room. The car features a stainless steel buffet with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, sink, counter, and cabinets. The car is Amtrak certified and one of the highest capacity, privately owned sleeping cars in operation today.

There are numerous other luxury private train cars available for travel in the United States. Some can be found at the following charter companies or tour companies.

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