How Do I Upgrade a Room in Las Vegas?

Can you ask for preferential treatment?

View of Las Vegas strip
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Ready for the super secret? This is classified information that I do not usually share with anyone. Well, I do but let's just say I don't so that my wife does not believe I am making a habit of this type of behavior.

Lie, lie and then lie some more.

First, the standard room at most of the strip hotels are nice, so you are already getting a decent place. You might want a better view, or one of the junior suites. You can go the route of tipping, by all means if you are comfortable with asking for an upgrade and then sliding $40 over to the desk clerk you might get lucky. It is hit and miss and when it doesn't work I often feel like a weirdo. The corporate culture at some of the bigger resorts has slowly eliminated the ease with which free stuff was available in Las Vegas.

It is still around; it is just a little harder to come by.

Here is a plan that works on occasion. First, you want a female desk clerk and the older women seem to be a bit better. Eliminate the talk of bachelor parties to the desk clerk. No one cares that you and your friends are hoping to have a pre-party bash in the room. I do, I care, but hotel staff does not.

What they do care about, is the illusion that something incredible is going to happen.

“I was wondering if at all possible I could upgrade my room to an incredible view or a small suite. I am going to propose to my wife and she thinks we are staying at the Imperial Palace. I want her parents to see this huge room and finally realize that their little girl is not marrying some loser.”

Do you see my angle with this?

The desk clerk, if she is at all romantic will think back to how she would have wanted to be proposed to and her allegiance to all females will kick in. Hopefully that will help you with a room. It does not hurt to have the cash in your hand for the tip visible.

Male desk clerks rarely get as excited about this but they also do not get real excited about the bachelor party crowd either. However, if you are checking into a more mid range hotel, Harrah’s, Flamingo, Luxor and the MGM the bachelor party route can work but it must be gauged with the clerk. That is a case by case scenario.

Is it wrong that I am telling you to lie? Well, you are about to get married so you probably need some practice.

Wait, not because you will be lying to your bride to be. Soon you will lie about being on your honeymoon to get free champagne in your room. My wife would use our children to help us with early check in and late check out.

“I’m sorry to ask, but is there a place I can breast feed my baby”

That one always worked.

So, smile, be very accommodating as they look up your reservation and be the most romantic person on the planet. Consider a little back story so that you can answer any questions that might come up. Don’t fill your mind with the visions of Vodka shots off the belly of some skanky dancer that your friends insist is working her way through school with their tip money.

Good luck!

One more thing.

If all else fails pay for the upgrade if you think it is worth it. At Cosmopolitan Hotel the views are so amazing looking north that you will regret not having a terrace with a view of the fountains at Bellagio. Palazzo and Venetian both have large rooms that feel like mini suites so don't spend the extra money. Aria has some very nice corner suites that are more spacious than there regular rooms and the bathtubs are worth a little extra money at check-in.