7 Ways To Upgrade Your NYC Vacation

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    7 Upgrades for Your NYC Trip

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    If you're planning a trip to New York City and want to make it extra-special, we are here to help! Although lots of travelers to New York City are on a tight budget and might be very focused on saving money, others are looking for ways to enhance their trip and make it a bit extra special, so we put together this list of ways to splurge on your trip to New York City and guarantee that it will be a truly memorable trip!

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    Travel In Business or First Class

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    If you're flying or taking the train to New York City, travel in comfort by springing for a business class or first class ticket. The extra space and service don't necessarily come free, but they do promise a more comfortable trip to New York City. You might even be able to use miles or VIP status with your airline to score an upgrade without having to spend a lot extra. Traveling in first or business class will mean you're much more likely to be feeling your best when you arrive in New York City rather than feeling like you've just survived the trip.

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    Book a Private Transfer From the Airport

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    Arriving in a new city can be disorienting or confusing -- especially if you had to take a long flight to get here. One way to make your arrival a little easier is to know someone is waiting for you to take you to your hotel without any hassles. You can get a car service to pick you up curbside once you exit the airport, but for the truly luxurious touch, pay extra to get them to come into the terminal. This way, they'll be waiting with a sign for you and they'll be able to give you a hand with your bags.

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    Choose a Room With a View

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    Sure, it's not the cheapest way to stay in New York City, but if this is a special trip and you want to make it truly memorable, consider booking a room with a view of Central Park, Times Square or even the Hudson River. You'll enjoy waking up with a fantastic view of New York City and you can savor the city lights before you go to bed each night. When you are looking for a room with a view, make sure you tell your travel agent or pay close attention when booking your room online, because even if a hotel is in a particular area, there's no guarantee that you'll get a great view from your room. Usually, rooms with special views will cost more and it can be very worthwhile to call the hotel ahead to indicate your preference.

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    Take a Private Guided Tour

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    Want to learn more about what interests you in New York City? Treat yourself and your travel companions to a private guided tour. Almost all of New York City's excellent tour companies have private tours available and will customize the tour to your tastes and interests, as well as work with your schedule. You can also be sure that there won't be one of those annoying people who always ask stupid questions and monopolizes the tour guide's time and attention (unless you're that person, in which case, it's even better you're taking a private tour since you can have the tour guide all to yourself.)

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    Take a Helicopter Tour of New York City

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    Experience New York City from the unique vantage point of a helicopter! There are several different companies that offer helicopter tours around New York City and they promise to be both thrilling and awe-inspiring.

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    Experience a Broadway Show Up Close

    'Noises Off' Broadway Opening Night
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    Prime seats for Broadway shows are not cheap, but the experience of watching a show from up close and being able to see the expressions on the actors' faces cannot be beaten. Be warned, if you see a show from the front center orchestra area, you might not be able to stand watching from the mezzanine again!

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    Spring for the Express Pass at the Empire State Building

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    Lots of people want to visit the Empire State Building when they come to NYC -- which means that there is often a long line at this popular NYC attraction. But you can skip to the front of the line both for security and for the elevator if you buy an express pass. It's an extra $33/ticket ($65 to go to the 86th floor and $85 to go to the 86th and 102nd floors for all visitors ages 6 and up), but it can easily save you an hour or more and makes the entire time you spend at the Empire State Building fun and exciting. Personally, We recommend you buy the express ticket to go to the 86th floor and decide if you want to add access to the 102nd floor observatory once you arrive.