University Neighborhood in Albuquerque

The area south of the University of New Mexico campus is filled with shops and restaurants. The are is extremely walkable, and starting from the UNM Bookstore located at Central and Cornell, you're steps away from some of the most iconic places associated with college life at the University of New Mexico's main campus.

Take a walking tour of the area near the University of New Mexico campus. Start at the pedestrian mall at Central and Cornell Avenues.

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Frontier Restaurant a Classic UNM Haunt

By Aileen O'Catherine

The Frontier Restaurant is a perennial student favorite. With cinnamon rolls, green chile and affordable prices, it draws students and locals to its doors.

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John Wayne Portrait in Frontier Restaurant

By Aileen O'Catherine

The Frontier is well worth a visit to view the large collection of western art and memorabilia that hang on its walls. The wagon wheel lighting, steer horns, rifles and many John Wayne portraits create a western style that is both fun and kitsch.

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The Univeristy Neighborhood's Brick Light District

By Aileen O'Catherine

Walk the Brick Light District on Harvard across from the UNM campus. With its tree lined walkways, old houses and many shops and restaurants, it is one of the most inviting areas near UNM.

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Pink Rhino Clothing

By Aileen O'Catherine

Many university students like the west coast, Rodeo Drive style of the Pink Rhino boutique. But it isn't just students who like the store. Locals shop there because they can trade in old clothes toward purchase of something new.

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Saggio's Mural Entryway

By Aileen O'Catherine

One of the most popular restaurants in the university neighborhood is Saggio's, which features Italian food. But the restaurant is known for more than its great pizza. On the outside and inside there are murals that have fun details. Kids enjoy finding movie characters and stars in the wall's and ceiling's many murals.

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CheBa Hut Delivers

By Aileen O'Catherine

When faced with late night studying and a need for something to eat, dorm students turn to the CheBa Hut for delivered sandwiches. CheBa also offers a bar within walking distance of campus.

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Winnings Coffeehouse

By Aileen O'Catherine

Stop by the Winnings Coffeehouse for a great cup of coffee or chai. Winnings provides live music and art shows for artists and performers.

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El Patio

By Aileen O'Catherine

If looking for authentic New Mexican food, El Patio restaurant is a great option. It has some of the best sopapillas in town, and for the cost-conscious university student, it offers a restaurant within an affordable price range and walking distance of school.

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Psychic and Tarot Readings

By Aileen O'Catherine

The university area also offers offbeat experiences, such as a psychic or tarot card reading. Stop in and find out if you've got a winning lottery ticket.

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