Planning a Trip to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Introduction

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood. Prayitano/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

It wasn't that long ago that you could find everything you needed know about Universal Studios Hollywood on just one web page. People who visited back then often think they've seen it all and don't need to go back again. They would be wrong.

Over the past few years, Universal has produced some of the most exciting theme park experiences in California. It takes several pages just to cover everything you can see and do there, and if you haven't visited lately, it's time to think about going back.

Is Universal Studios Hollywood Right for You?

Universal wows its visitors with innovative, thrilling rides, but it's not for everyone. If you enjoy (and can tolerate) fast-paced thrill rides and don't mind if they're the motion simulator type, you'll probably love it.

If you have physical issues that prevent you from going on fast rides - or if you prefer your rides slow and steady, you may not find enough to do to justify the cost of a ticket. Small people (less than 40 inches tall) and big people (whose body shape may prevent safety restraints from fastening) may also discover that they can only go on a limited number of rides.

To find out more about what the park is like, and to see it all -without leaving your chair, check out the Universal Studios slideshow.

Universal Studios Hollywood Planner

These resources are everything you need to get started planning your Universal Studios experience. Allow a full day, and you can enjoy everything they have to offer.

When to Go to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal is crowded during summer and long school holidays like spring and winter break. They get even crazier around Christmas when you may encounter the longest lines of the year.

In the summer, it gets really hot at midday, but the hours are longer. You'll have few worries about getting rained out during California's rainy winter season because most of the fun rides are indoors.

Annual Events at Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights: Every October, Universal puts on a special event, featuring some of their scariest slasher villains. Even the "chainsaw guys" who go around terrorizing people have to try out for their jobs. You'll have to buy a separate ticket or an all-day package to enjoy the park and this bloody scare-fest on the same day.

Harry Potter Christmas and GrinchmasThe Grinch stole Christmas, but then he brought it back - and it's a good thing he did because the holiday celebration at Wizarding World is excellent. You don't need a separate ticket for these.

What's Nearby

Universal CityWalk, just outside the park entrance is a lively shopping and dining complex open to the public. It's a good place to eat dinner or to do a little shopping, or even go to a movie after a day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

If the Universal studio tour got you interested in how movies are made, Warner Bros Studios is just up the street, and they have a great public tour.

Getting To Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
Universal Studios website

The Metro Red Line also stops near the park, and you can catch a shuttle bus from there to the entrance. The Metro system covers much of the LA area. Find out more information about the Metro Red Line here.

Universal offers a shuttle from lots of Los Angeles hotels with a one-day admission ticket. Get details on their website.

Some tour companies offer admission and transportation packages from San Diego. They can cost as much as $40 per person over full ticket price with no chance for discounts, and they limit your time at the park. Consider this option only if you have no others.