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Everything you Need to Know about Visiting Universal Orlando in July

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  • The big event for July at Universal is the fireworks extravaganza offered to celebrate Independence Day. The fireworks are free with your park admission on the 4th of July, but make sure you grab a seat early so you don't miss this spectacular show.
  • Music lovers won't want to miss Universal's Summer Concert series, which continues throughout the month of July. Summer nights at Universal come alive with music from some of the most popular acts around, making this a "don't miss" event.
  • Both Velvet Sessions and Harbor Nights music festivals continue this month, offering live music and entertainment in a more intimate, indoor setting.


    July and August are the hottest times of the year to visit Universal Orlando, so be prepared for plenty of sun and hot weather. Wear comfortable clothing, pack plenty of sunblock and drink lots of water to stay cool and healthy on your July visit.


    Universal Orlando will be busy throughout the month, so make the most of your trip by staying onsite and taking advantage of Universal's "Express Pass" program. Visit popular rides like the Incredible Hulk coaster early in the day to minimize your waiting time.


    • Head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as early in the day as possible, this area will be very congested thanks to the summer crowds. Of course, this requires the purchase of a multi-park ticket so you can ride the popular Hogwart's Express between the two theme parks.
    • Save watery or indoor rides for the afternoon, the hottest part of the day.
    • Consider taking a mid-day break at your resort to cool off and get away from the most crowded time of the day.
    • Of course, staying hydrated on hot days is important and drinking water is best, but it may be worth it to purchase a Day of Unlimited Coca-Cola. The $15 cost also includes a colorful souvenir cup.
    • Make dining reservations in advance if you plan on eating at one of Universal's fine dining locations like Mythos.
    • Does your July trip include some time in Disney World? Check out our guide to Disney World in July before you leave home.


    • Crowded conditions in the Universal theme parks may make it more difficult to keep track of your kids. Dress everyone alike and review some basic safety rules before you hit the parks.
    • Beat the Florida heat by applying sunblock every day, several times a day, even if you don't normally need it. Between the hot July sun and the reflective surfaces in the Universal theme parks, you could get a nasty sunburn.

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