Timeline of the U.S. Reopening: A State-by-State Guide

Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
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The U.S. pandemic response has mostly been at the state level with state governments (and more locally, those of cities and counties) enforcing closures, social distancing, face masks, and other safety precautions. In 2021, all states have eliminated most capacity restrictions and the CDC has condoned domestic travel without testing or quarantine for fully vaccinated people.

Some parts of the U.S. may have more rules in place, such as requiring proof of vaccination to enter private businesses, but these are administered at the county and municipality level. Use our guide below, broken down by region, to learn more about active statewide restrictions and mask mandates across the U.S.

L.A. County Reopens Beaches And Parks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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All previous restrictions became advisories when the state of emergency expired. Travelers entering Alaska do not need to test, quarantine, or show proof of vaccination.


All business occupancy limits have been lifted, and businesses are open at full capacity.


All capacity and distancing restrictions were lifted, but masks are still required in public indoor places and private businesses.


The state has reopened county-by-county and only a small number of counties still have local health orders in place.


A statewide mask mandate is in place. Fully vaccinated travelers entering from the U.S. no longer need to get tested or quarantine upon entering Hawaii. However, they must upload proof of vaccination to the Safe Travels website or present a hard copy on arrival. Non-vaccinated travelers and international arrivals are required to present a negative test result taken within 72 hours of arrival.


Idaho is in the final stage of its four-stage reopening plan. There is no limit on gathering size, but people are still advised to maintain social distancing and practice sanitation according to the health guidelines.


Businesses are open without capacity limits and the statewide mask mandate has expired. The state of emergency has officially ended.


All capacity limits have been lifted, but as of July masks are again required indoors regardless of vaccination status in urban centers like Reno, Las Vegas, and Carson City.

New Mexico

All business restrictions have been lifted, but the indoor mask mandate was reimplemented in August 2021. Proof of vaccination will also be necessary to enter some high-risk spaces like hospitals.


All business capacity restrictions were lifted in Oregon. However, Gov. Kate Brown brought back the statewide indoor and outdoor mask mandate in August.


Businesses in Utah are open and there is no limit on social gatherings or capacity. Some counties or local businesses may enforce mask-wearing and social distancing but statewide restrictions have ended.


Washington has fully reopened businesses, but masks are again required to be worn indoors and at gatherings with more than 500 people, regardless of vaccination status. After November 15, proof of vaccination will be required to attend indoor events with more than 1,000 attendees.


All businesses are open at full capacity and all restrictions have been listed in Wyoming.

Wisconsin Re-Opens Non-Essential Businesses After Court Overturns Stay-At-Home Order
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All businesses are fully open with safety guidance in effect. Masks are required to be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status.


All pandemic orders have been lifted in Indiana and businesses are open.


All restrictions have been removed and the mask mandate was lifted.


All businesses are open under certain health and safety guidelines. Kansas has a self-quarantine mandate in place for non-vaccinated travelers arriving from certain states or countries.


All business capacity limits and mask mandates have been lifted.


Outdoor gathering restrictions, mask requirements, capacity limits, and social distancing requirements have all been lifted.


Missouri reopened businesses and lifted restrictions in May 2020—which were never reinstated.


All restrictions and health measures have been lifted and the state of emergency has officially ended.

North Dakota

All restrictions have been lifted and the state mask mandate has expired. Requirements limiting business capacity have become recommendations and all businesses are open.


All health orders were lifted and businesses are open at 100 percent capacity. The state of emergency has also been lifted.

South Dakota

All businesses are open and no mask mandates are in place.


All businesses are open in and few restrictions are in place.

"Non-Essential" Businesses Start Re-Opening In Georgia Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Under Alabama's new "Safer Apart Order," masks are no longer required statewide and most businesses including restaurants are open without capacity limits.


All statewide business directives have become guidances. Businesses have been allowed to reopen in Arkansas with suggested capacity limits still in place. The statewide mask mandate has been lifted.


Mask mandates, business capacity restrictions, and social distancing requirements have been lifted.

District of Columbia

Capacity limits have been lifted for all businesses and indoor activities. Non-vaccinated travelers, except for visitors from Maryland and Virginia, are advised to get tested within 72 hours before traveling to Washington, D.C., and within three to five days of arrival. All visitors must also adhere to the mandatory mask policy, which requires masks to be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status.


All businesses are open without capacity limits and all local restrictions and mandates were officially and permanently invalidated.


All businesses are allowed to operate at full capacity without social distancing measures and the state of emergency was allowed to expire.


All business capacity limits and mask mandates were lifted in June 2021.


All business capacity limits have been lifted. However, Gov. John Bel Edwards reinstated the statewide indoor mask mandate in August.


Capacity limits have been lifted for all businesses and all remaining restrictions have ended.


Gov. Tate Reeves has lifted all restrictions on capacity and masks are only required in certain locations.

North Carolina

All capacity limits and social distancing requirements were lifted, reopening the state 100 percent. Masks are only required on public transportation and in healthcare facilities.


All restrictions and the State of Emergency have been lifted in Oklahoma, which has been in the final phase of its reopening plan since June 2020.

South Carolina

The State of Emergency ended in June 2021 and all business restrictions were lifted.


All health orders and business restrictions have ended and Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order to prevent counties from issuing mask mandates.


All mask mandates and business restrictions in Texas have been lifted.


Gov. Ralph Northam lifted the indoor mask mandate to align with CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people. All capacity limits and social distancing requirements have been lifted.

West Virginia

All businesses are allowed to open at 100 percent as long as social distancing can be maintained. The mask mandate has been lifted for fully vaccinated people.

New Jersey Beaches And Boardwalks Start To Reopen Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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All businesses are allowed to open at full capacity and the travel ban has been lifted. Masks are no longer required outdoors or indoors for fully vaccinated people.


All capacity limits, mask mandates, and social distancing requirements have been lifted. Maine has ended all testing and quarantine requirements for out-of-state travelers.


The State of Emergency ended and all restrictions and mask mandates were lifted.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire lifted the testing and quarantine requirement for incoming travelers and removed all business restrictions. The statewide mask mandate and the State of Emergency have expired.

New Jersey

All indoor gathering limits and the statewide mask mandate have been lifted.

New York

Most business capacity limits and all remaining restrictions have been lifted. Fully vaccinated people are not required to wear masks indoors or outdoors.


The indoor and outdoor mask mandate has been lifted statewide for fully vaccinated people and all business restrictions were lifted.

Rhode Island

All capacity and social distancing restrictions on businesses were lifted. Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks. If you are not vaccinated and are coming to Rhode Island from a state with a testing positivity rate of five percent or more, you will be required to self-quarantine for two weeks or provide a negative test taken within the past 72 hours.


After reaching its vaccination goal, Vermont lifted all restrictions and the emergency order has expired. It's no longer necessary to quarantine when entering Vermont from out-of-state if you can show a negative test or proof of vaccination.

Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez imposed curfew to contain the coronavirus spread
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Puerto Rico

Anyone arriving from an international destination or anyone who has not been fully vaccinated will need to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of their trip. Health screenings will be conducted at the airport and symptomatic travelers will be tested and required to quarantine at their hotel while awaiting results.

All hotels, rentals, and guesthouses will require guests to be fully vaccinated or show a test taken within 72 hours of check-in and at the beginning of every new week. Proof of vaccination or a negative test will be necessary to patron restaurants, food courts, bars, and any indoor location where food and drinks are served. Businesses are open at full capacity, but masks are required in all indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Any traveler over the age of five, including Virgin Island residents, will be required to provide a negative test through the official online Travel Portal, regardless of vaccination status. There is no requirement to quarantine.

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