United Debuts a New Grab-and-Go Lounge to Help You Fuel up for Your Flight

Turns out, over half of airline-loungers prefer taking things to-go

United Grab & Go lounge

Courtesy of United Airlines

Denver Airport’s Concourse B expansion recently opened with a little something up its sleeve—a new airline lounge concept from United that allows passengers to grab high-quality snacks and drinks to take with them on the plane.

Turns out, over half of airline-loungers prefer taking things to-go (and apparently, none of us were as slick as we thought as we filled our pockets and bags with goodies from the lounge). United’s new lounge concept, United Club Fly, has effectively taken the taboo out of taking to-go lounge snacks by just straight up offering convenient grab-and-go options.

Want a latte? Order, watch them whip it up, and grab it. Need something a little more substantial than a handful of Goldfish for your flight? Grab a pre-packaged sandwich or snack straight from the case.

"United Club Fly is all about elevated convenience. We know there are times when our members are in a hurry and use our clubs to sneak a quick drink or snack, so we've created this new format to make it easy for them to do that without sacrificing an upscale club environment," said Marketing & Loyalty VP and MileagePlus President, Luc Bondar, in a statement. "In Denver, more than two-thirds of our customers are connecting to other places, making it the ideal city to introduce this concept."

From what we’ve seen, the overall setup is akin to a convenience market with an upscale vibe — and the freedom to just scan in via your boarding pass, choose which drinks and food you want, and then exit through the turnstile and head straight to your gate.

What’s on offer? Think self-serve sodas and coffee, barista-made Illy espresso and coffee drinks, yogurt, sandwiches and wraps, fruit and veggie packs, and more. (Sorry, there’s no booze in this lounge.)

Currently, United Club Fly is only available in Denver—a longstanding United hub—and is only accessible to United Club members, travelers flying internationally in premium cabins, and United Club one-time pass holders. To give it a whirl, head over to Concourse B’s East expansion, and you can’t miss it.

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