United and Chase Are Giving Away 1 Million Miles to Help You Beat Jet Lag

You can put this valuable new skill into action on a trip anywhere in the world

A United Airlines airplane flying over water at sunset

Courtesy of United Airlines

We've all been there: You step off the plane in an exciting new city on the other side of the world, expecting to hit the town—but the only thing that gets hit is you, with debilitating jet lag. Suddenly, every park bench looks like an enticing place to sleep, and you're dodging concerned stares from passersby as you shuffle down the city streets in a zombie-like state.

Jet lag is often one of the most challenging parts of travel, and though commercial aviation took off over a century ago, there's still no easy fix. Luckily, United Airlines and Chase have teamed up to help frequent flyers finally take down one of travel's greatest nemeses.

The United Family of Cards From Chase is declaring Jan. 17 a new national holiday—National Lose the Jet Lag Day—which they are celebrating with the launch of new sweepstakes that will give travelers all the tools they need to keep that pesky jet lag away. All you need to do is head to the official sweepstakes page and pledge to kick off 2023 by standing up to jet lag. If you're lucky, you could be rewarded with enough miles to help turn those pledges into action.

One winner will win 1 million United MileagePlus miles and a year-long subscription to Timeshifter, a jet lag app that offers personalized jet lag plans based on travelers' sleep patterns, chronotypes, itineraries, and personal preferences. The app is used by NASA astronauts, Formula 1 drivers, elite athletes, and top CEOs.

"When I was an astronaut, we learned how to shift our circadian rhythms to prepare for rocket launches and spacewalks. Because our circadian clock regulates our sleep, alertness, and almost all other biological systems in our body, it was key to our safety, performance, and health," said Mike Massimino, former NASA astronaut and Timeshifter Advisor, in a press release. "It's gratifying to see circadian science finally being applied outside of NASA to equip travelers to tackle jet lag."

There are still plenty of other consolation prizes for those who don't win the grand prize. Eight winners will receive 500,000 United MileagePlus miles and a year-long subscription to the Timeshifter jet lag app. And 500 pledge takers will still get the opportunity to learn how to beat jet lag with a year-long Timeshifter subscription.

The sweepstakes is only open to U.S.-based United MileagePlus members, so set up a free account if you haven't already. You only have until Feb. 7 to enter, so don't delay—if your new year resolution was to learn a new skill, beating jet lag is a hard one to top.