United Airlines Wants to Kick-off Your Italian Vacation With an in-Flight Spritz

Passengers on two United routes will get the iconic Italian cocktails for free

Spritz Society can

Courtesy of United Airlines

Is any cocktail more iconically Italian than a spritz? Name one; we'll wait. We don't think so, and neither does United Airlines. Partnering with Spritz Society, the airline will offer complimentary canned spritz cocktails to passengers on two seasonal routes to Italy this summer.

The free cocktails start May 6 on the airline's Chicago to Milan route and May 26 on its Newark to Rome route. Why spritzes? They're the drink of the summer, and considering they were invented in the Veneto region of Italy, it only makes sense to serve the drinks on these routes.

The Aperol Spritz is arguably the best-known version of the cocktail in the U.S., but it has had many variations during the drink's 200-plus-year history. Traditionally made with Prosecco, bitter liqueur, and soda water, Spritz Society’s take on the cocktail uses white wine, soda water, cane sugar, and natural flavoring. Each can contains 6 percent ABV and clocks in at 120 calories.

“Our customers are going to love everything about these festive cocktails, especially the taste—one of the reasons we chose Spritz Society is their focus on quality natural ingredients," said Luc Bondar, the airline's vice president of marketing & loyalty and president of MileagePlus.

The canned cocktails use just six ingredients and come in four flavors: grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, and pineapple. Only grapefruit will be offered on flights, while grapefruit and blood orange will be sold at United Club locations in Chicago and Newark for just $2. This offer is limited to the summer, and service will end on Aug. 6 for the Chicago-Milan route and on Aug. 26 for Newark-Rome. United Club sales are even shorter, ending June 6 and June 26.

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