Unique Ways to Get Fit

Getting fit is a popular subject at the beginning of the year.  However, most people get tired of traditional strength training and aerobics.  Here are some unique ways to get fit that you might stick with until next year.

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Pole and Chair Fitness

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Body by Resilience offers pole and chair fitness classes.  They also have more traditional yoga classes, zumba, boxing and hip-hop classes.    Pole dancing is actually a great strength training activity.  It works most of your muscles and gives you a cardiovascular workout too.  The studio is located on 910 West Dixon Road in Little Rock.

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Aerial Silk Acrobatics

Learn aerial silk acrobatics and acroYoga at these "circus" themed fitness classes.  If you've ever seen a pop star spinning on silk ribbon and wanted to try it too, these fun classes are for you.  Aerial silks work the core, upper body, legs and chest.  They also have hoop acrobatics.   Held at CrossFit Little Rock on 1021 Jessie Road.

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Fencing classes can be a fun way to stay fit.  Fencing is a full-body workout.  It works muscles from the feet and lower legs to the shoulder, neck and arms.    Central Arkansas has a Fencing Club that holds classes.

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You burn almost as many calories skating as you do running, but you work different muscles.  Skating strengthens your glutes and core more than running.  Arkansas Skatium offers ice and roller skating.  Located at 1311 Bowman Road in Little Rock.

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Trampoline Fitness

Altitude Trampoline Park offers fitness classes for adults.  They do aerial aerobics with the aid of the trampoline.  Trampolines are great for cardiovascular fitness and works your core, legs and butt.  Altitude is located at 15707 Chenal Parkway in Little Rock.

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Parkour & Climbing

The dictionary defines parkour as: "Surmounting obstacles such as walls and railings and leaping across open spaces, as in a stairwell or between buildings."  It's also a fun way to stay fit.  Arkansas has a parkour enthusiast group, but it's easy to take up on your own.

If parkour is a little too public for you, try the Little Rock Climbing Club.  You can work some of the same muscles there, but with safety equipment.

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The Arkansas River Trail

Little Rock has unique opportunities for walking, running and biking on the River Trail.  It's a great place to get fit in the outdoors.   There are 14 miles of trail looped together to form this system.  Bikes and pedestrians are welcome.

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Join a Team

There are quite a few teams in the area, depending on what you want to play.  One of the largest groups that kicks off at the beginning of the year is the Women Run Arkansas clinics.  Beginning runners and walkers are welcome to these teams which train for your first 5k or to improve your next 5k.  Clinics happen all over the state.

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Geocaching is actually pretty good exercise.  People hide things, and the location is marked with Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates which are shared via the Internet.  Caches are often hidden where it takes quite a bit of walking or searching to find them.  It's also a lot of fun, like a mystery or adventure to solve.  Arkansas is a great state for geocaching. 

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Traditional Gyms

There are fun classes available at most gyms.  Some of the local gyms offer yoga, CrossFit, martial arts, Zumba and more.  Some also offer personal trainers.  Joining a class or hiring a trainer can help you stick to your fitness goals.

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