6 Places You'd Never Believe an RV Vacation is Possible

Want a Truly Amazing RV Vacation? Consider One of These Destinations!

Joe Laing

Think your RV travel options are limited to visiting one tired tourist trap after another? Break the bonds of conventional thought and try these adventures on for size. They’re not for the faint of heart, but who wants to follow the pack, anyway?

Trek of the Americas

If you have the time, the money, and an adventurer’s heart, TrekAmerica leads an RV caravan every two years on a four-month journey through fourteen countries, from Mexico to the southern boundaries of South America.

Imagine visiting villages, beaches and cultural treasures in your rolling home away from home, rather than huddling in a hotel, far away from the local color. The company’s excellent reputation for safety and top-notch experiences makes these trips popular with intrepid RV travelers.

Go to the Islands

When you think of going to the islands on vacation, do you think of traveling Alaska’s Aleutian chain by RV? Thanks to the Alaska Marine Highway System and their fleet of seagoing ferries, RV travelers can island hop the Aleutians, discovering volcanoes, harbor villages and an amazing collection of wildlife on both land and sea. Start your journey in Vancouver, BC or Bellingham, WA for an exciting journey up the Alaskan Pacific Coast.

Whale Watching on the Baja

Both of Baja California’s coastlines offer RV camping adventurers the chance to get up close and personal with whales. Travel eastern Baja along the Sea of Cortez, with its large, developed campgrounds, and book a tour with a local outfitter to kayak amongst the blue whales. Whale enthusiasts will also enjoy Baja’s enormous Pacific Coast lagoons, where gray whales gather by the thousands from December to March.

Pro Tip: Crossing the border at Tijuana, just south of San Diego, is your most direct route into the Baja. You can also cross at Tecate, forty miles west.

Be aware that you’ll need special Mexican Automobile Liability Insurance, available from your insurance agent or RV rental agency when traveling south of the border.

More Special Interest RV Destinations

Unusual RV camping destinations aren’t limited to the Baja, the Aleutians or Latin America. Crank up your sense of adventure and get ready to discover these fascinating US mainland RV travel destinations.

RVing in a Sci-Fi Setting

Trona Pinnacles: California Desert

RV adventurers with a taste for surreal landscapes should head for the Trona Pinnacles, a BLM preserve east of Ridgecrest, California. Top off all your tanks, as this is a barebones, moonscape sort of place, and plan to hike the rocky trails through hundreds of stone pinnacles rising from the Mojave Desert. If you’re coming from the Victorville, CA area, it’s about two hours north. From Las Vegas, it’s about four hours west.

Pro Tip: This one’s for spring or autumn—summer temps soar above 110˚ during the day! 

RVing with Wolves

Camp Taylor Campground: Columbia, NJ

A campground within easy reach of modern amenities but surrounded by a wolf preserve is the perfect blend of the comfortable and the unusual. Located near the Delaware Water Gap, Camp Taylor is a family-run campground with the twin missions of providing comfortable camping and preserving a disappearing species. It’s an easy one-hour trip if you’re flying into Newark Liberty International Airport and picking up an RV rental in Linden, NJ.

Pro Tip: Reserve your spot on their Wolf Watch Tour for the greatest wildlife viewing. 

RVing in a Haunted Forest

Our last entry on the strange and unusual RV trip list is a place where spirits are said to wander and catch unwary campers by surprise. Holy Ghost and Jacks Creek Campgrounds in New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest each have legends attached, so why not bring your most stalwart camping buddies for a good scare out in the woods?

There you have it—the beginnings of an out-of-the-ordinary RV vacation itinerary. Don’t own a recreational vehicle? That’s no obstacle—RV rentals are an easy and affordable way to introduce yourself to traveling in an RV. When you long to wander off the beaten path and find a new adventure, these six spots can kick-start your best vacation ever.

Joe Laing is the Marketing Director for El Monte RV, a nationwide RV rental company. Joe has been on the road working within the travel industry for over 20 years and greatly enjoys exploring the outdoors. He is also actively involved in numerous campground associations, including RVIA's Go RV'ing committee, as well as travel industry associations.

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