Unique Guided Tours in Rome

Visit Rome in a Fiat 500, on a Vintage Vespa, and More

For those who want something more than the usual tour, Rome has lots of options. You can tour Rome on a vintage Vespa or in a Fiat 500. Take the family on a tour designed for children, become a gladiator for a day, go underground at the Colosseum, or enjoy an after hours visit of the Sistine Chapel with these unique tours, most available through Select Italy.

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    ••• Vatican Museums. by James Martin, Europe Travel

    Visit the Sistine Chapel without the crowds on this special after-hours tour. Your two-hour tour inside the Vatican Museums with an English-speaking guide includes several of the top exhibits such as the Raphael Room and Gallery of Maps as well as the stunning Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo's masterpiece. This tour can be arranged as a private visit or you can join a small group tour at a lower price.

    The Roman Guy offers a small-group before hours Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel tour that starts one hour before opening time. Taking a before or after hours tour is highly recommended to avoid the huge crowds.

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    ••• Rome Gladiator School. Select Italy, used by permission

    Have you ever dreamed of being a Roman gladiator? With this unique interactive adventure, you can become a gladiator for a day. You'll start with a tour of Rome's Gladiator Museum where you'll learn about the daily life of a gladiator. Then you'll dress in gladiator armor and enter the training arena for a lesson that includes using the weapons and defending yourself. This is a great family activity suitable for ages 7 or older and those who prefer not to participate in the lesson can watch free of charge. This activity is held on the Via Appia Antica, the old Roman Road, outside the historic center.

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    ••• Rome Colosseum, Viewed from the Top Tier. by Martha Bakerjian

    This 90-minute tour takes visitors below ground at the Colosseum to explore the underground passageways and dungeons, then continues on the upper tiers where you'll get a unique view of the city. These areas are not accessible to visitors except as part of a tour. Entrance to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum is included in the ticket, good for two days, but they are not a part of the guided tour. A Colosseum Top to Bottom tour is also offered by The Roman Guy.

    Another unique way to see the Colosseum is on the Night Tour, available from May - September.

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    What could be better than seeing the Eternal City as a passenger in a Vintage Fiat 500, or Cinquecento, a famous Italian icon. Guests get a view of Rome's top attractions while riding with an English-speaking driver-guide who will tell you about the sites as you drive by them. Itineraries include the Grand Tour, Night Tour, or Tour of the Hills. Day time tours last approximately four hours while the night tours are three hours.

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    If you've seen the movie Roman Holiday, you may imagine yourself doing as Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck did - scooting through Rome on a Vespa. Motor scooters are really the best transportation for navigating the narrow streets of Rome's historic center. You'll be a passenger on the back of a Vespa, transported by an English-speaking driver-guide who will tell you about the sights as you tour the city.

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    case romane fresco photo
    ••• Detail of a Fresco. by Martha Bakerjian

    On this three-hour tour you'll go below two of Rome's oldest surviving churches for a visit to the underground chambers with layers of Roman history, dating from the 2nd through 5th centuries. You'll see Roman houses including one that's believed to be the house of Saints John and Paul, early Christian worship sites and pagan temples.

    Read more about the Roman Houses below Saints John and Paul Church. |

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    Normally closed to the public, this exclusive 1.5 hour, small-group tour takes visitors under the Circus Maximus for a look at the underground chambers used by those who practiced the ancient religion known as Mithraism.

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    This small-group guided tour leads you through the layers of history under San Clemente Church, then takes you to the Appian Way (transportation included) for a look at the old road and a guided visit to the Catacomb of Domitilla, the oldest and one of the best preserved of the Roman catacombs.


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    The Crypts, Bones, and Catacombs Underground Tour of Rome includes one of Rome's spookiest sights, the Capuchin Crypt, as well as a tour of catacombs with the oldest known image of the Virgin Mary and the Roman ruins and remains of both an early Christian basilica and pagan temple underneath the Basilica of San Clemente.
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    Eternally Young: Rome for Children is another good family opportunity. This tour starts at the Trevi Fountain and includes Piazza Colonna, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and Castel Sant'Angelo. This tour lasts about three hours and does not include the admission for Castel Sant'Angelo which must be paid at the site.

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    On these food tours, you'll get out of the historic center to walk through one of Rome's traditional neighborhoods. On these four hour tours you visit small food shops for tastings, have pasta in a Roman restaurant, and have a gelato while your guide explains how to spot good gelato. You'll also get a bit of history and culture during the walk.
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    Eddie's Fun Rome

    With Eddie's Fun, you'll experience Rome with a travel buddy rather than on a guided tour. Eddie's Fun offers several packages that include visits in Rome, going to a soccer game, or the most popular package - a ride on the local train to a hill town in the Roman countryside for lunch.

Rome Guided Day Trips

After you've seen the sights in Rome, consider a guided day trip to hill towns, wine towns, or archeological sites.