Looking for Luggage? Start with These 4 Unique Options

From Killing Bedbugs to Surviving Submersion and More

If you're after luggage with a difference, look no further than these four unique options. A case that kills bedbugs at the flick of a switch, a modular carry-on that keeps your electronics charged, a suitcase that survives drowning -- you'll never settle for a generic bag again!

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Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack

Standard Luggage carry-on
Standard Luggage

If you’re after a stylish, adaptable piece of luggage that’s equally at home in the boardroom and beside the pool, check out Standard Luggage’s Carry-On Backpack. It’s a hybrid messenger bag, duffel and backpack, made from high-strength ballistic nylon that’s water resistant, durable and easy to clean.

The usual 35 liter capacity is plenty for quick getaways, but for longer trips and cooler climes, there’s an extra 10 liters available at the pull of a zip. The lay-flat clamshell design makes the bag easier to pack, and built-in compression straps maximize space and keep everything secure.

There’s a laptop and two front pockets, rain cover for when the weather turns, and a safety whistle for security.  The backpack straps zip away when not required, and the messenger bag strap removes completely to save space and weight.

With a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee, this is a piece of luggage you’re likely to be using well into the future.

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Soot ElectroPack 2

Soot ElectroPack

For digital nomads and other connected travelers, the Soot ElectroPack offers a modular luggage system that keeps your electronics powered – with plenty of choice about how you do it.

There’s a 10 liter Mini Messenger bag for round-town use, and a 24 liter Commuter daypack for overnight and weekend trips, both of which come with a 10,000mAh battery to keep a pair of devices charged.

Combine the two, and you’ve got a 34 liter carry-on bag that power four devices at once – that’s enough for even the most tech-heavy wanderer.

Made from ballistic nylon and marine vinyl, and coming with protective sleeves for tablets and laptops, the ElectroPack will handle almost anything you throw at it – but there’s also an optional rain cover if you’re worried about being caught in a monsoon in Thailand.

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Pelican ProGear Elite Weekender

Pelican ProGear Luggage

If your travels take you well off the beaten track, or you just don’t want your gear destroyed in transit, Pelican has a well-deserved reputation for making suitcases that border on indestructible. The Weekender handles submersion in three feet of water for half an hour, and has passed free-fall impact tests with up to 25 pounds of weight.

The Weekender includes the company’s Enhanced Travel System, which contains a lid organizer, toiletry kit, zippered shoe sack, laundry bag and garment bag, and has a recessed TSA-approved combination lock for security.

This is a solid, extremely durable pieces of luggage that will protect whatever’s inside from the worst that nature and baggage handlers can throw at it.

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ThermalStrike Bed Bug Proof Heated Luggage

ThermalStrike luggage

Bed bugs are a menace. Hard to spot, they can be found anywhere from the cheapest hostel to the most expensive hotel, and leave their victims itchy and miserable for days.

Even worse, they’ll often infest your luggage as well. Given it typically costs several thousand dollars to rid a house of these pests, the last thing you want to do is take the problem home with you.

ThermalStrike is the only luggage that kills bed bugs, blasting them and everything else inside the case with up to eight hours of high temperatures.

Without even unpacking after returning home, you simply plug the suitcase into a wall socket, set the timer and leave the suitcase to do its thing. Temperatures inside the case get as high as 120F, guaranteeing the elimination of all parts of the bed bug life cycle.

In both carry-on and checked bag sizes, with TSA-approved locks and made from durable polycarbonate, Thermalstrike suitcases are the perfect way to ensure you don’t bring any unwelcome ‘friends’ back from your vacation.

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