Understanding the Sedona Vortexes

Whirling Energy - Ley Lines - Electromagnetic Forces or What?

Vista of Sedona
©Elizabeth R. Rose

It’s not easy to figure out what the Sedona Vortexes are all about. Some say the vortex is a result of intersecting Ley Lines, some say vortexes are formed by magnetic energy and yet others point out that the energy flow of vortexes exists on a dimension deeper than electricity or magnetism.

Ley Line Theory (Are All the Spiritual Sites of the World Linked Up?)

According to our Alternative Religions writer, “Leys or Ley lines are the grid patterns formed by drawing connecting lines between ancient megaliths, stone circles, and other ancient monuments.

These monuments are said to mark the intersection of telluric energy currents (the natural electric currents that make up the earth's magnetic field). Many claim these areas are associated with increased paranormal activity, or 'gateways' for supernatural or inter-dimensional beings.”

Many vortexes are thought to be associated with Ley Lines and have been found to be extremely strong at points where the lines cross. Worldwide, the Great Pyramid in Eygpt and Stonehenge in England are perhaps the most well known as centers of vortex activity. Some describe the vortexes as points of energy and the Ley Lines the connectors between these points.

On the site, Vortex Maps, there is a .pdf of a Sedona vortex map showing Ley Lines. There doesn’t appear to be an explanation of how the various vortex sites are aligned, but it’s an interesting map.

So with Ley Line theory, it is not clear whether the vortexes are a result of the crossing of these lines or are the points at which the lines actually start.

It is fascinating to ponder, however, that Sedona's special sites are somehow connected with others across the world.

Whirling Energy

Many will tell you that a vortex is a result of magnetic forces or concentrated energy. Some will say that the iron in the red rocks of Sedona aligns with the iron in a person’s blood.

On a recent Vortex Tour, the guide demonstrated a magnetic pull as we gathered at a vortex site using copper dowsing rods. He then pointed out that nearby trees were twisted, most likely as a result of these whirling magnetic forces.

Most agree that the vortexes of Sedona are more oriented toward energy of the spiritual type.

Mind-Body Theory and Spiritual Energy Flow

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. Pete, a graduate of MIT, takes a scientific approach to explaining the energy flow of Sedona vortexes.

His thoughts make sense. If you can’t thoroughly explain the vortexes using electromagnetic theory, or confirm Ley Line theory, then you must be open to another way of thinking.

Think Outside the Box

Pete explains that the dimensions we are aware of (time, three dimensions) are only four of 10 or more dimensions. Physicists, using Super String physics, have pointed out that there is more out there than we realize. String theory is a mathematical theory that tries to explain certain phenomena which is not currently explainable under the standard model of quantum physics.

His talk, to me, was a charge to “think outside the box” when it comes to understanding the vortexes of Sedona and the realities of our world.

He pointed out that spiritual energy flows like thermal wind currents. He advocates using “every day” vortexes in meditation and healing. His perspective is that there is a mind-body connection and that the search for spiritual strength and healing is more important than the quest to find current reality, hard facts to explain vortexes.

Nevertheless, as we humans have a need to develop a framework to understand things, Pete Sanders developed a classification system which makes sense and helps the individual use the spiritual energy to facilitate healing and spiritual growth.

A Framework for Understanding Vortexes

Pete’s labeling system is based on the direction of energy flow at the vortex site. He points out that Upflow vortexes are locations where the energy is flowing upward out of the earth.

Inflow vortexes are locations where energy is flowing inward into the planet. “Just as hawks and eagles soar on thermal wind currents, Upflow Vortexes help your Soul reach great heights of awareness. Inflow Vortexes help you go inward more easily.

I looked at his theory in relation to communing with God. Upflow vortexes might take my thoughts and prayers aloft, where we perceive God as existing. Inflow vortexes would be useful for inward meditation, and for receiving and processing guidance from God.

But What About Electromagnetic and Gender Theories?

Pete explains other vortex theories in relation to his energy flow theory which helps make sense of the classification system.

With electromagnetic theories, we think of how magnets attract and pull in. Every place you see labeled as a magnetic vortex, Pete explains, is an inflow area.

As you look at the masculine and feminine labels some give vortexes, that, also, can be explained in relation to energy flow. Pete explained that females have a tendency to excel in introspection and awareness of personal feelings so the term “female vortex” would be used to label the inflow of energy. Conversely, the masculine principle matches that with outward, assertive expansiveness of the upflow energy pattern.


Which Sites are Which?

Upflow Sites

This is really pretty easy. Upflow sites are on mesas and mountains. In fact, many of the most spiritual sites are on high mountains where the oxygen concentration is too low to support you as you meditate!

In Sedona, the following are Upflow Vortex Sites:

  • Bell Rock (Strong Upflow)
  • Airport Mesa
  • Oak Creek Canyon Overlook (Upflow and Lateral Combination)

Inflow Sites

Inflow sites are equally as easy.

Look for places in a canyon or valley. In Sedona, the following are Inflow Vortex Sites:

  • Red Rock Crossing (Strong Inflow plus Lateral Water cleansing)

Combination Sites (I call them Complex Sites!)

  • Saddle of Cathedral Rock
  • Boynton Canyon (Upflow in an Inflow)
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross Area (Combination plus Soul Projection Site)
  • West Fork Trail (Energy Wellspring plus Timelessness Effects)

How to Use the Vortex Sites

Wanting an Answer, Wanting to Think About Things

Armed with an open mind and a new way of classifying vortexes, I set out to consider how best to use a vortex site. Let’s say I want an answer to a dilemma that I am dealing with. I want to be sure that the direction I am headed is the right one. Obviously, I am conflicted or I wouldn’t be seeking guidance. So it makes sense, then, that I seek out an inflow vortex where I can receive wisdom and energy, process it internally and come up with an answer to my dilemma.

So I sought out an Inflow Vortex Site, Red Rock Crossing, which also happens to be my favorite place in Sedona. I spent some quiet time pondering my question and received confirmation that my direction was the best for my Soul. I also pondered again as I sat in a quiet place in Oak Creek Canyon and received the same spiritual guidance.

It was freeing.

I also learned from Pete that the flow of water is cleansing and restores peace. In his book he comments, “The flow of water seems to soothe past hurts and release the old patterns. The water also assists in cleansing your aura and nurturing new beginnings.”

Perfect for my needs at the moment!

Wanting Stress Reduction, Spiritual Growth, and Connection with the Heavens

Now, this sounds like work for an Outflow Vortex. If you want a sense of exhilaration, seek out an upflow vortex like Bell Rock or Airport Mesa.

I am drawn to high places when I want a sense of perspective on life and to feel free of the bonds of earth. This can be exhilarating and can bring you closer to God. Pete warns, however, that you must find a place that will not overwhelm you. The top of Bell Rock, for example, might make you feel as though you can soar. When you hike Bell Rock the energy flow might help you get to the top, but watch out on the descent which is when most falls occur.


It’s not all as easy as Upflow vs. Inflow. I suggest that people who are serious about pursuing a spiritual journey using vortexes have a look at Pete Sander’s book, Scientific Vortex Information, or go to one of his Monday lectures at the Eco-Tourism Center near Los Abrigados Resort.

Pete's book not only has information on theory related to vortexes, it has photos and directions so you can find the vortex sites.

For those who want to pursue things in-depth, there are counselors and guides available. Be selective. You don’t want to sign up for a vortex jeep tour if you are pursuing personal growth and change. But for the mildly curious, the jeep tour would be perfect!

What’s Important to Remember about Sedona Vortexes

For whatever reason, Sedona is a very beautiful and spiritual place. The Native Americans were drawn to it and considered the area sacred. It is an ideal place to go for a getaway for fun, for renewal or for spiritual exploration. No matter what your beliefs about vortexes or how you choose to classify them, there remains a few mysteries in Sedona that have not been adequately explained.

Go to the Red Rocks with an open mind and open heart.