UnCruise: The Cruise Experience for the Adventure Traveler

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Un-Cruise Adventures

Un-Cruising in Style

If the idea of exploring beautiful destinations by ship sounds incredibly alluring, but the thought of taking a cruise with hundreds of other passengers sends shivers up your spine, let me introduce you to Un-Cruise Adventures, a company that offers all of the amenities of a traditional cruise, with the activities and options you would expect from an adventure tour. 

At Un-Cruise the motto is "small ships, big experiences," and for more than 20 years the company has been giving travelers an alternative to the massive cruise-ship options that are much more common in the travel industry. The company's ships vary in size depending on the destination, but the smallest ship in the Un-Cruise fleet accommodates just 22 guests, while the largest can handle as many as 88. That's in sharp contrast to the massive cruise ships fun by other companies, many of which can transport thousands of people at a time.

These smaller vessels make for more intimate experiences with the other passengers and the crew, while getting a better feel for the destination you are visiting too. 

Un-Cruise operates in some spectacular designations throughout the Americas. For instance, they offer a variety of trips to Alaska, with options for cruising the famous Inside Passage from Juneau to Ketchikan. While onboard, travelers can choose to go sea kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, and go ashore to hike in Glacier Bay National Park or on one of the many islands that dot the area. They'll also get the chance to spot some of Alaska's most famous wildlife, including grizzly bears, bald eagles, and a variety of species of whales.


Alaska isn't the only destinations that Un-Cruise offers however. The company also offers excursions to Costa Rica and Panama, the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, the Sea of Cortés in Mexico, and the Pacific Northwest too. They even offer a cruise along the Columbia and Snake Rivers, which is a completely unique way to see those two waterways. 

The Un-Cruise Experience

What helps set Un-Cruise adventures apart from the competition is summed up quite nicely in the company's mission statement. It reads: "To provide our guests an enriching adventure travel experience and inspire an appreciation of local cultures and the natural world." Most major cruise companies go very light on the "adventure" aspects of their tours, and offer brief, and carefully coordinated, exposures of the culture as well. And while they often try to instill a sense of wonder about the natural world around us, that is hard to do on a massive ship that houses so many people.

On an Un-Cruise vessel you'll get an up-close and personal look at the landscapes that you are exploring, not to mention the wildlife that inhabits those places. And while those big ships might talk a good game, Un-Cruise walks the walk in terms of respecting the environment. The company takes a sustainable approach to all of its itineraries and a strict adherence to the "Leave No Trace" mantra. 

One thing that Un-Cruise does share with its competitors however is plenty of good food. The meals are made fresh daily by the ship's personal chef and the kitchen team, with a wide variety of options available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are vegetarian meals available for each sitting as well, and the chef will even suggest the perfect wine pairing for a dinner entrée too. Most of the ships also have an onboard pub to enjoy a drink on deck while soaking in the beautiful location around you.


Other onboard amenities include a lounge area stocked with books, games, and DVDs; observation decks for spotting wildlife; hot tubs for relaxing at the end of the day, and spacious, comfortable cabins for when you need a little privacy too. The Un-Cruise fleet has an open-bridge policy as well, allowing guests to visit with the captain and crew while observing how the ship is run. 

If you're looking for cruises that offer a good mix of adventure and relaxation, immersion in culture and nature, as well as wildlife encounters, than Un-Cruise has tailor made its experiences just for you. Find out more at Un-Cruise.com, where you'll be able to view complete itineraries, detailed information about the company, and much more. 

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