Five Unbelievable Philippines Day Trips

Everything's more fun in the Philippines, especially day trips

The slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" isn't just genius marketing—it happens to be true when it comes to most things in the island nation, whether we're talking about food, beaches, culture, or the smiles of friendly locals. It also applies to Philippines day trips, whether you're somewhere in Metro Manila, or in a more idyllic part of the country. Here are five incredible Philippines attractions you won't believe you can see on a day trip.

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Ta'al Volcano

Taal Volcano
Mike Gonzalez via Wikimedia Commons
Taal Volcano, Talisay, Philippines

Amazing fact #1: Ta'al Volcano is a lake inside a volcano inside a lake. Amazing fact #2: In spite of how large Ta'al Volcano seems once you climb to the top of it, it's actually the world's smallest active volcano. Amazing fact #3: Although Ta'al Volcano seems to be on another planet entirely (or at least a desert island), you can have it in your sites without two hours of leaving your hotel in Manila.

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Chasing Waterfalls in Cebu

Tumalog Falls
Manny Runola via Flickr
Unnamed Road, Samboan, Cebu, Philippines

The island of Cebu is perhaps the most obvious manifestation of the Philippines' famous slogan, particularly if you're a nature lover. Case in point? Waterfalls! Even if you're too young—or old—to remember all the words to TLC's 1996 hit, and hum them to yourself as you hike toward Doa Falls, Tumalog Falls, or Binalayan Hidden Falls, you'll be delighted to know they're all within day-trip distance of Cebu City. 

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Diving in Batangas

Hernlar via Wikimedia Commons

Staying at a hotel in Pasay City, but already took a day trip to Ta'al Volcano? Like the volcano, Anilao Village is in the Philippines' Batagnas province. But instead of increasing in elevation when you take a day trip here, you'll be going down: Anilao, located in the Mabini portion of Batangas province, is an incredible place to dive, particularly if you don't anticipate having time to visit some of the wilder parts of the Philippines during your trip.

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Cebu's Sacred Sites

Taoist Temple Cebu
Konstantinos Trovas via Wikimedia Commons
Pilgrim’s Center, Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
+63 32 255 6697

Cebu's waterfalls are amazing, no doubt, but whether you stay in the heart of Cebu City or in Lapu Lapu, the island's culture will amaze you, particularly the variety of religious places. While the Basilica de Santo Nino represents the vast Catholic majority of the Philippines, the Taoist Temple pays homage to the religion of many Filipinos' ancestors, who are ethnically Chinese. The Simila Shrine, on the other hand, is so architecturally marvelous that you might not even question the religious motivations of its designers. 

TIP: Hire a taxi to take you to all these sacred sites on a secret day trip!

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Corregidor Island

Public Domain

When you think of modern Manila, with its towering skyscrapers and high-street shopping, Makati City is the first place that comes to mind. For a day trip that honors the history of the Philippines, much of which was less joyful that Makati street scenes, head to the pier across Roxas Boulevard and take a boat to Corregidor Island. In addition to giving you the opportunity to learn about World War II in the Philippines, and the brutal Bataan Death march, Corregidor is also idyllic and beautiful, and makes for a welcome escape from crowded Manila.

Everything is more fun in the Philippines, which means that these day trips are just the beginning of your inspiration for your next trip there. These cover just two islands, after all, and the Philippines has 7,105 others!

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