Typical Phoenix Weather: Holiday Temperatures

Holiday Weather Forecast: Average Highs and Lows

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People love weather statistics! Here in the desert Southwest, the weather can get pretty exciting. If it snows, it's amazing! If it heats up to 122 degrees, like it did on June 26, 1990, we talk about it for years to come. If a monsoon storm kicks up those high winds and dust and flash floods, we get a bit apprehensive. For the most part, though, our weather is fairly predictable. It will be sunny today. Ho hum. Our television weather guys and gals don't need a lot of creativity to predict most of our weather.
We do have four seasons here in the Phoenix area. We have cool (northerners call it winter), we have perfect, we have summer, and we have more summer. Okay, those are not official seasons; I just made them up, but they pretty much describe our weather cycle.

Because the weather in the Sonoran Desert (that's where Phoenix is located) is moderate for most of the year, you can find outdoor activities for about eight months of the year. In the summer, indoor entertainment is typically preferred to avoid heat-related illness.
Here are some popular days of the year that people come to visit the Valley of the Sun. I've included the average high temperature, the average low temperature and the chance of rain. Please remember that these are averages! There have been and will continue to be aberrations. Also, these are temperatures for Downtown Phoenix. Most of our official weather is measured at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Bear in mind that outlying areas of Greater Phoenix may see slightly cooler average temps than these; variances may be up to five or seven degrees (Fahrenheit).

Phoenix Average Temperature Highs and Lows on Popular Holidays

New Year's Day
Average High Temperature: 64
Average Low Temperature: 40
Average Precipitation: .01 inch
President's Day
Average High Temperature: 71
Average Low Temperature: 45
Average Precipitation: .02 inch
Easter Sunday (variable date)
Average High Temperature: 83
Average Low Temperature: 55
Average Precipitation: .01 inch
Memorial Day (variable date)
Average High Temperature: 95
Average Low Temperature: 66
Average Precipitation: 0 inches
Independence Day
Average High Temperature: 105
Average Low Temperature: 78
Average Precipitation: .01 inch
Labor Day (variable date)
Average High Temperature: 100
Average Low Temperature: 76
Average Precipitation: .03 inch
Average High Temperature: 80
Average Low Temperature: 53
Average Precipitation: .02 inch
Thanksgiving Day (variable date)
Average High Temperature: 70
Average Low Temperature: 44
Average Precipitation: .02 inch
Christmas Day
Average High Temperature: 65
Average Low Temperature: 40
Average Precipitation: .03 inch

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